You've Got Mail.....NOT!

I was so excited to get home today....why you ask? Well, because I knew I had a package waiting for me at my doorstep. Well, I pulled up and package! So the first thing I do is double check the tracking number to ensure my package was delivered. And yes was left at front door.

Mind you I have never (i'll learn to never say never) have problems with my mail I always order things and have them delivered, but to my dismay and disbelief my package was no where to be found. I live in an apartment complex so I immediately ran to the office in hopes that maybe the front door meant front office. But again no luck!

I was looking forward to blogging/bragging about these puppies, that had quickly sold out in my size in on but I was able to find them slightly higher on



Luckily, I see they have restocked over at so I'm placing my order now.

But from now on I will of course have my packages sent directly to the front office...I'm really sad :(

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