BDIB: Neon + Neutral

Hey Ladies,

First thing first, early this morning (around 2am) I was reading Consider Me Lovely's Honored Post were she mentioned she was featured on Black Style Central  as one of 35 Black Style Bloggers You'll Love.

I went to check out her feature, and was super shocked to see that my picture was on the site and that they also featured me on their list. I was and still am HONORED, excited, stoked and shocked, but most importantly grateful.  Be sure to check out the feature as many of the fabulous ladies I follow were also featured! Congrats!! :)  Thank you so much for the feature Black Style Central!!!

I was also awarded the Lovely Blog Award from Trice of "High Heels & Good Meals" . Thank you so much miss lady!!

So this week I missed out on the EBEW Lace Challenge it totally slipped my mind. I made it a point, not to miss the Bloggers Do it Better: Neon + Neutral Challenge.

I am really loving participating in these challenges because I normally don't follow to many trends however, the challenges cause you to think outside of the box and step out of your comfort zone even. At first I was a bit nervous about this challenge and couldn't think of what to wear. Then I said you have items in your can make this work.

I really like this outfit, let me know what you think! I loved so many of these pics so sorry for the {extreme} amount of photos!

Neon + Neutral

Dress: Dorothy Perkins last seen here  
Belt: Ancient Old from a maxi skirt 
Jacket: Wetseal last seen here
Floral Pumps/Necklace: Forever21  
Clutch: Aldo

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I know this was a long post, so thank you if you if made it through the whole thing. hehe. 

This week I received overwhelming support by email. I really appreciate all of the positivity and support of  my readers! You all are really awesome! Thank you ALL so much!


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