Seeing Pink

 Hey Ladies,
Pink is my favorite color and I have been wanting a pink bedroom ever since I could remember. I didn't want my room to come off juvenile or child like, so I never did it. I'm currently thinking of redoing my bedroom so I thought why not do an inexpensive mini-makeover. I already have this bed and those ikea mirrors are over my bed as well.

I saw a ton of things at tjmaxx that I loved. Mirrored decorative pieces and boxes that I also plan to incorporate into my design. I plan on thrifting cute lamps and spray painting them and also I want to try to make similar end tables (as these are TRULY out of my price range) but I love them so! I have a great idea for a diy project.

I'll have to find bedding and other cute items to pull the items together.

This is what I came up with, let me know what you think. I hope to complete this during the month of July. :))


Thanks for reading!


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