Neutral "Treasure"

Hey Ladies,

I must say that I'm loving this heat wave we are having right now. Although, it's not all that great for my hair (my hair rises and grows in the heat). Can you tell I kinda have the "Elvis" thing going on. haha, I honestly will not complain. After all I do live in Michigan so I'm going to enjoy what seems to be 2 months of summer. lol.

Last night, after work,  I went out to eat with my "Cuzzo" (cousin) for her bday. She said she was dressing comfy so I wanted to be comfy right along with her. lol. So I went home and changed. This dress is another one of closet "treasures" that I'd forgotten all about. It's old it's from the Forever 21+ line, it was one of the first things I ordered when it was called Faith21. What drew me to the dress were the pockets, and zippers.

Dress: Forever21 +   Tank: H&M   Shoes:  Backpack: Thrifted    Necklace: Aldo   Bangles: Random

My shoes are from this post if you remember it my mail was stolen. Subsequently, the merchant ended up re-sending my package but I had already ordered and received them from another store. So I have 2 pairs of the same shoe, same color.

I'm currently trying to think of a creative "thing" to do to the other pair, any suggestions?? Maybe I'll have them dyed, what do you think?

Thanks so much for reading!

Edit: I'm participating in EBEW: Thrift today, if you thrift you should definitely link up!
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