The Sun

 Today, was such a blah day for me. I really just wanted to stay home in bed. I woke up to bad news. And then after I took these pics I received even more bad news. Sigh* I hate those kinds of days but hey such is life right. :(
 I found an empty area on my way out so I decided it would be a nice spot to take some impromptu pics. I had tried earlier but the rain had began to pour! It's funny how beautiful the sky was after the rain. Peep the clouds in these pics! 
Detroit Tee: Gifted from BohoModern   Dress/worn as skirt: F21   Clutch: Aldo   Watch: Shocking Goat
Earrings: A2Style Boutique  Bracelets: Random
 I won this awesome pink watch from The NYLA Report giveaway. The watch is made by Shocking Goat and the bands are interchangeable you can even design your own watch with the colors of your choice (face and bands). I'm planning on purchasing a band set (with white, blue and black) so that I can get more wear from this awesome watch! Be sure to check out the site. If you like color you'll love these watches.

 This cute little Detroit tee was gifted to me by the creator of BohoModern. Margarita was kind enough to gift me this shirt for volunteering at the the grand opening of her pop up shop 71 POP.
the sun was shining down on me like a spotlight!
 I have to remember that even though when it rains it pours...the sun will still come out! 
I'm definitely hoping this week starts off better than my weekend ended. Hope you have a great week too!

Thanks for reading! 

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