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Hey Ladies
Yesterday, I was supposed to go to an event, however after a late start and then a flat tire I ended up pretty late to it. After my hectic day, I still
wanted to get out and didn't want my outfit to go to waste, so I still headed to the event, pretty late. Has this ever happened to you? Of course, I missed everything :(.  I will have to wait for the pictures.

Seeing as though I'd missed the entire event, I headed back home. *sigh* Thought I'd try to take some pics, before the sun went down. This pic I'm still trying to smile through my rough day :/

Feeling defeated. LOL But I still found the courage to smile. It wasn't that bad of a day!
Blazer/Clutch/Earrings: Thrifted   Tank: H&M  Shorts: Forever21  
: Charlotte Russe  Belt: NY&C   Bangles: Asssorted
On another note, I'm not really feeling my new layout, so I'll be searching for a new one *sigh*. It took so long to find this one. NOTE* I changed back to my old layout, and updated it a bit. I love it!

How was your weekend?
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