Chic Friend Friday: Tysha

 Tysha| Shop Now Save Later
Tysha a.k.a. Ty of Shop Now Save Later is a Canadian beauty whose style is to me the definition of fierce. I remember the very first time I clicked on Ty's blog, originally I had to see the blog behind such a creative name "Shop Now Save Later". Once there I was hit with a plethora of hotness! Ty's style is amazing and seeing her dress you'll definitely want to shop now and save later, or at least wish you had!

What prompted you to start your blog?
Like many, before becoming a fashion blogger I was a blog stalker! Like literally! LOL I would fall asleep reading blogs! My sister one day came up with the brilliant idea of having my own blog! (DUH- why didn't I think of that) anyways being a lover of fashion It only felt right to start my own blog and I have absolutely no regrets! 

What are your fashion must haves?
Fashion Jewelery, skigh high heels, and sunglasses! I love Jewelery! And my outfit is never complete without it! My heels, I love that I can use it to dress down or dress up an outfit! I live in my heels! And last but not least Sunglasses, I love them and although I might not wear them all the time I always keep one in my bag!

How would you describe your style?
That's a tough question because my style is all over the place one day my style's classy and the next edgy! I love switching it up and taking risks! That's the only way to know if something works for you! I also switch up my style a lot according to the way I wear my hair! So it really has to do with my mood and how I feel at that very moment!

What's the one thing you enjoy most about being a blogger?
I'd have to say that I love how we can all share the same passion worldwide! Fashion is universal and I love to see how different cultures influence, and plays such a big role in  the way people dress. Also I love that bloggers have a voice and we can share our passion with others that has the same vision as us!

Ty thank you so much for being a part of Chic Friend Friday! If you have not checked out Ty's blog make you do! You can find it here!
Thanks for reading!
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