Friday the 13th

Last weekend one of my favorite cousins got married! Congrats Mrs. Tyler. It was a crazy hectic day as her reception was on Friday. I packed my a bag with my clothes. I thought this would be a great plan because I had a long full day at work and there would be no way I could take the the afternoon off.
All day I had been thinking of where I would change into my wedding attire. Then it hit me I would go over to my niece house who lives closer to the venue, I live across town. Well, when I arrived to my nieces house I had packed my bag, but I had forgotten my clothes! GASP! I was so mad and upset! That meant I had to drive all the way home in rush hour traffic to get dressed. I could have worn my work clothes (but UGH lol) but I really wanted to wear my ASOS romper.  

Romper: ASOS   Shoes: Simply Vera Wang    Clutch: ALDO  Necklace/Earring Set: Bayside Miami
I made it home and rushed to get dressed so that I wouldn't miss everything! I felt bad being so late, but everything worked out just fine!

I didn't have a chance to take any outdoor pics of course because I was rushing. I tried to take a few but they came out really fuzzy. But don't worry I plan on wearing this romper again before fall is over.

Have you ever had a hectic day like this?

Thanks for reading!
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