Cause I am....Superwoman


Even when I'm a mess. I still put on a vest. With an S on my chest. Oh yes! I'm a superwoman!
-Alicia Keys, Superwoman

Well let me first tell you all I am not pleased with the quality of my pics for this post at all. For some weird reason my pictures are very blurred and grainy ugh, I think Eboni jinxed me! HA! But yesterday I just didn't have it in me after returning home and viewing them, to venture out and retake them. So I apologize in advance! 
I wore this outfit to church, and I really liked it! I had completely forgotten about this cape I purchased last year from Dots for about $2 I also purchased it in cream as well. It's wool and so cute. At the time, my best friend hated it and kept saying I should buy it and give it to her mom?! LOL! Are you kidding me! LOL. Next time I wear it I plan to "roughen" up the look a bit. What do you think?

Blouse/Pants/Clutch: Thrfited  Cape/Belt: Dots 
Simply Vera Wang Kohls  Earrings: Lily Kai Vintage
The message in church was great, it definitely seems like whenever I go to church the message is directed right to me! Do you feel like that too? I hope you all have an awesome week! I definitely felt like superwoman in this cape, even though I had a pretty rough start to my day.

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I'll be posting another giveaway today! :)

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