My Goodies...Ninety Nine Cent Edition

I've been kinda of in a slump lately, I will admit. With the change in seasons I haven't found the time to take outfit pics. With the days getting shorter, and daylight hours decreasing, I have to rethink things. :) Don't worry I will have an outfit post up tomorrow, remember I will be wearing purple to support domestic violence awareness. I hope you will join in!

For now I'll show you all just a few items I've thrifted.

Faux Fur Vest: I've been wanting to try out this trend, I found this vest for under $10 bucks. I'm on the fence about it and I'm wondering if it's a bit too faux looking or not. lol. But I couldn't pass it up for the price. What do you think?
Colored Slacks. Ever since finding these amazing turquoise pants, I've been on the hunt for more colored slacks. These mustard colored pants were a steal at $3 bucks. Can't wait to wear them.
Boyfriend Blouse: I've been wanting a boyfriend type blouse for a little while and this fits perfect. It has that slouchy effect and I can't wait to wear it. It's polyester but has the flow of silk, great buy for under $4.

Striped Dress: Can I tell you all how excited I am about this dress I found it while attending a fashion show at the Canton Goodwill with Erika!!! First of all when I saw it, it was too cute to pass up, but I looked at the tag and it was a size 6petite of course you all know I'm no way near a size 6! But I just couldn't put this dress down it was too cute! I began to tug at it and decided to try it on (I try everything on), and to my disbelief it fit and doesn't look like it's too small. LOL. And it has pockets! Lovely!
And guess how much it cost,  $0.99. Yes a new with tags dress for ninety nine cents!!!! This find not only proves that we should always try on clothes but it also proves I'm going to become addicted to thrifting!
Thanks for reading!

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