Chic Friend Friday: Olori Swank

What can I say about Olori, that you don’t already see for yourself? Isn’t she Anyone that can rock a royal blue Mohawk definitely has to have some killer style to back it up and without a doubt Olori has it! Olori shows us her individuality and love of fashion and doesn’t disappoint. It doesn’t stop there; Olori is a celebrity Fashion Stylist, she has styled Dawn Richards of Dirty Money, recording star Tyrese and Minnesota Vikings linebacker Jasper Brinkley just to name a few. She is also Fashion Director of Kraze Magazine.  Her company SWANK Consulting Firm LLC has allowed her to live out “this love affair with fashion.”

As you can see Olori is leaving a huge mark on the fashion world through her work and through her style. I’m honored to have her grace the pages of my blog! Be sure to check out!

What prompted you to start your blog?
I decided to start my blog because I became a huge fan of twitter but the 140 character limit was stifling.  I wanted a way to express my emotions. feelings, creativity, inspirations and influence without being so confined.

What are your fashion must haves?
Fashion Must-Haves: a 5-6" heel of any kind; a statement piece of jewelry (mine usually come in the form of a necklace or a few bracelets); and an oversize clutch.

How would you describe your style?
My style is very emotional. I dress for the way I'm feeling. If I wake up feeling like a boy my outfit is going to be menswear-inspired, if I feel artsy my choices will reflect a Bohemian reference. It really just depends on my mood.
What's the one thing you enjoy most about being a blogger?
The one thing I love most about being a blogger is the awesome network of people I get to meet, from readers to other bloggers. It's amazing how many people are inspired just from visiting my blog. I love that!

Olori thank you so much for being apart of Chic Friend Friday!
Isn't she stunning? Be sure to check out Olori's blog.

Thanks for reading!
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