Such an #enabler!

So as you all may have heard Dorothy Perkins, my favorite UK store, launched a US Site!!!!!! I am so excited about this launch and couldn't be happier! I really have to put my self on a shopping budget now because I am going to be broke, why did they do this to me?!?! LOL! I can't wait to place my first order on the US site, stoked! I thought it would be a great idea to show you all some of the items I have purchased from Dorothy Perkins. Most of these pictures are from the vacation I took in April I went on a cruise.

You can definitely see the evolution of my camera through these pics, sorry for the quality on some! If you are a new follower you'll get a peek at a few of my first posts as a blogger, if you didn't know I started my blog in March of this year.

If you would like to see the original post for these looks just click on the picture and you'll be directed right to it! :)
The dress here is from DP, I absolutely love this dress, did I mention it has pockets! I can't wait to toughen this dress up for fall!
This striped dress is another from DP, it's so comfy, I recently belted it (with a green belt for a pop of color) and wore it as a shirt.
This skirt is one of my faves. It shows of my legs and is yet another comfy and versatile piece. I plan to wear this soon with some tights and my ankle booties. 

This petal sleeve blouse is so pretty, I will have to wear this again so you al can see the details. It's so pretty! So sorry for the camera pic #blogfail

The first dress again styled differently for BDIB
Here it is again, worn as a skirt!

I even gave a DP skirt away during my first ever giveaway on my blog! 

So do you shop Dorothy Perkins? Well I sure hope so! 
Here's a VIP coupon code for you! Get 25% off, just use: 
(You can also get FREE shipping on orders $75 and up)

Happy Shopping!
Disclaimer: I was not paid or coersed for this post, I'm simply an #enabler!

Thanks for reading!

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