So a few months ago I won a giveaway hosted by Mixbook.com over at Baby Shopaholic. I knew right away when I won, I would not use the book for myself, but I would create a photobook complete with wedding photos,  for one of my favorite cousins. The mixbook came out perfect, the online website is easy to use and personalize. The book is so beautiful, clean and professional looking umm yes,  it's the bomb.com!

I was so pleased with it once I received it (shipping was ultra fast, by the way) I couldn't wait to present it to my cousin! If a picture is worth a thousand words, here are 6,000! My cousin was ecstatic and also very surprised to see her gift and shocked to see what it was! This was so sweet and touching and the book is priceless! Thank you mixbook.com and Baby Shopaholic!

Blouse/Scarf: Old Navy   Vest: Dots  Earrings/Clutch: Thrifted  
Wedges: Candies via Kohls   Jeans: Don't know old gift from my ex.

So I'm warning you all up front, I'm pretty obsessed with leopard print these days, and this Old Navy scarf has become one of my staple items! You will definitely see it alot from here on out! You've already seen it here, here, here  and you'll see it again soon....as well as these Candies booties too LOL!

P.S. This will be my only post this week, as I gear up and conclude final preparations for f.a.s.h. DET: Fashion Bloggers of Detroit first event (Fall into f.a.s.h. DET) on this Friday 11.11.11. Myself along with Erika and Timmi & Elle have worked so hard to plan this event and we are hoping it will be a FUN night! We can't wait, thank you all for the well wishes and support!!!! #GoTeamFASH!

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