I Have a Blogger Secret


Hey Yall!
Before you beat me up for not posting at all for the last week and a half...I want you to know I have a ton of updates to share that I think you're going to love!!! As you know I'm still playing catch up on many of my posts, this is one of them....

The fabulous Kourtney of Cheap Chic & Curvy had the awesome idea of us doing a blogger secret Santa. What a great idea! Kourtney took care of the name "pulling" and emailed us all the details. I also received a surprise gift from Kourtney in the mail a couple days ago! She gifted me with some amazing **brand new** fuchsia Ralph Lauren pants that she thrifted! They are amazing and fit great! Thanks so much Kourtney!!! I love them and they're my favorite color! YESSS Please! 


I knew that whomever had received my name would have some fun choosing a gift for me! We were asked to give a list of items, however, I wanted my Secret Santa to gift me with something they thought would fit me so I didn't give a list. :) I hoped I didn't drive my Secret Santa crazy with that decision...hehe!

When I received the package in the mail...I knew exactly who my Secret Santa was, because I had just recevied a fabulous package from winning her awesome blog giveaway! Admittedly, I was very anxious to see what Prissy had gotten for me! Prissy gifted me this amazing wrap! It is a pretty grey color and I honestly can't wait to wear it! :)

Prissy even mentioned that she owns a few wraps herself and loves them! I can't wait to style it, and hopefully see how Prissy wears hers too. Thank you so much Prissy! :))

I was the Secret Santa to Kelleashia of Kelly Monroe. You can find out what I purchased for Kelleashia as she fills us in here.

Have you ever participated in a Secret Santa?

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