Weekly Instagram Fix

Hello, my name is Inez and I'm addicted to Instagram! Instagram allows me to share those things that don't make it to the blog. I love stalking pictures and Instagram serves with me with the daily up to the minute fix I need. :)

Here are a few of the snapshots I shared last week via Instagram. Hope you like! 

Stripes and Cobalt
Cobalt & Stipes: Worn during a casual night out with the girls.

Confeetti Dress Instagram
What I Wore: Thrifted Confetti Dress

Shock LA Colors nail polish
LA Colors: Shock
Instagram Dorothy Perkins Dress
Night Out: Fun with the girls in my Dorothy Perkins Dress.

Cool Art
Cool Art

Mustache cupcake
Vegan Cupcake: My first vegan cuppie was delish!

Weekend Wear to the Movies
What I Wore: To the Movies
My Newest Cousin
New Beginnings: I got to meet my newest little cousin! :))
Daily Devotion
Daily Devotion: Life. Trust. Hope. Persistence. Faith.

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