If you're like me, then you just may share my love affair with thrifting! Well, as you may or may not know we share our thrifted finds on Instagram using the hashtag #THRIFT360! With the success of the #Thrift360 hashtag, I felt is was necessary to up the ante a bit and make it a little more fun, so I quickly thought a weekly style challenge would be a great idea!

So I created an Instagram account strictly for Thrift360 and started the weekly Style Challenge "The Task". Each week on Friday, I will post the task for the following week, you have until Thursday of the following week by 12am EST to tag a post of you rocking your thrifted items!

Each week on Thursday I share 5 looks I love the most. Anyone can participate as long as you have Instagram and tag your photos, #Thrift360.

Last week we started The Task off with a bang!

Check out our featured looks: 

Be sure to join us this Thursday for The Task: Blazers
Thanks for reading!  

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