Ask Inez Anything

Hey Ladies,

Got a question for me or a suggestion? Now is the time, for an open forum. Please check out my video for more details.


Let the questions begin! 


  1. Inez, WooHoo such an awesome idea "Ask Inez Anything" too cute!!!...Will you be making more You Tube videos such as OOTD or what’s in my purse videos? You know I’m all about the YT videos…Love them!

  2. Love this! :

    My question is what are some quotes you live by?

  3. Not sure if you done this in the past as I am a new follower. But have you done a tutorial on how to create the turban look from the picture in your profile? If not would you be willing to do a tutorial?

  4. Great idea Inez!
    My question(s) is: How would you describe your fashion sense? What would you say inspires your style?

  5. I love you live, Inez.

  6. Great idea! Nice!


  7. I'm so glad you did this. Ok, I wanted to ask you about Dorothy Perkins. Are their sizes a true fit? I see a few things I wanna order but I wanted make sure I get the right size. Their size chart isn't much help. I am a size 6 and in tops I usually wear smalls and mediums. Thanks in advance!

    7eventh Letter

  8. Being a plus-size female, I appreciate your fashion SO MUCH. I recently lost 35 lbs, went from 3x to 2x(and sometimes 1X). I was wondering if you could cover the shapewear (if any) you like best. I'm always looking for the next best thing in shapewear.


  9. You have such a cute voice. I did a VLOG a while ago and I plan to do another one soon. I think they are a great way to let your followers know you a little bit more! My question is "WHY IS A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN LIKE YOURSELF.....SINGLE"!!!! ;-) Kiah


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