A Little Love Sick

Ran across a song "Think of You" by Carney (Mr. Green Volume 1), and absolutely loved it. I had never heard of the artist or song.  I'll admit I'm a little love sick. I miss my ex dearly, on one hand I'm trying to let go on the other it's soooo hard. This song stopped me in my tracks today at an uxexpected hour and reminded me of my deep feelings for him, he was more than a boyfriend he was my bestfriend and confidant. Don't worry I won't get to mushy...I'm just "remembering love" and wishing things were different or simply understandable. *sigh*

Hey, everything happens for a reason. So I know I'll be alright. :)

… Hell, even love is older than the dirt covering the roots of the tallest redwood, but try telling someone not to fall in love. So, yeah, a few mates with guitars and some songs and something to say—that’s nothing new. But if it’s Carney… just go ahead and try not to fall in love. Best of luck to you. {source}
I had a very eventful and emotional Fathers Day. I may post about soon, or maybe not. I try to keep my blog "happy" and kinda was not sure about posting this. *sigh*

 P.S. I rigged my camera and it finally died on me today :( So I'm in search of a new one. Can you suggest one? I really want a reasonably priced, but great quality camera, that won't break my pockets.


  1. Awww sorry to hear Inez...hope you feel better. After all the sad songs be sure to rock "single ladies" hehe.

    Oh yea and this post might relate: http://jannsboutique.blogspot.com/2011/02/ex-means-out.html

  2. Awww honey, I pray your heart starts to mend soon. I also pray that your ex will decide what position he wants to play and play it. At the end of the day, you gotta protect your heart from it springs the well of life. You want to life your best life full of joy and happiness. Just a thought. Hugs to you!

  3. Girl, I’ve been there-had a broken heart, it was really bad. BUT, all I can say is be strong and make it thru the storm. It wont always be like this. I am just telling u this moreso for encouragement. It took me to get broken down emotionally on numerous occasions by my ex for me to leave. Not sure of your religious beliefs, but God made me go thru what I went thru with my EX so that I could appreciate a good man when I got one-which I DID! Been married 9 mos now. You are beautiful, use this time to heal and get urself together for what God has in store for u.

    ...Inexpensive but great camera recommendation is the Sony Cybershot. I got this for my mom and remember reading a ton of reviews. For the cost, its pretty good. Obviously, do a price comparison btwn best buy, amazon, circuit city, etc.


  4. Aww...sorry to hear that you're not feeling the best emotionally, right now. It is hard to mend a brokenheart but with time it will get better. I know it sounds so cliche' but it's true. Try to stay busy, it helps keep your mind from going too deep in thought. Hoping you feel better!


  5. Awww... I'm sending you a long distance hug your way. Sorry you are feeling this way but just know that this too shall pass! Try eating some Vanilla Bean Ice Cream it ALWAYS make me feel better!!! Indulge & N'JOY...

    Peace & Love

  6. I hope you feel better chica. It's hard to get over a lost love but I'm gonna tell you, this song is NOT HELPING.

    Turn on some Jazmine Sullivan, "Foolish Heart" and dance!!!! You're a fierce, beautiful woman.

  7. I hope you feel better soon... This is your blog and it is the epitome of INEZ... Talk about what you feel like talking about. Everyday is not meant to be good or happy, everyday is meant to be a learning and growing experience!

    I hope you have a week just as beautiful as you!!!

  8. Hey Inez sorry to hear that today is not a good day...BUT embrace tomorrow and claim it to be a better day.
    ..I agree with Butta this blog is YOU...no restrictions :).
    Tomorrow is gonna be a good day!

  9. Girl we are here >< when it comes to questioning what to and what not to post. I strongly believe in looking my best when i feel like crap. You're a gorgeous woman so invest time in yourself and stay busy and beautiful.

  10. I understand how you feel stay positive and keep being you….and you know you’re fabulous! :)


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