My Style is Thrifted Chic: Allison McGevna

 I am so excited to start the "My Style is Thrifted Chic" series! Starting out the feature is someone whose style I admire. Allison McGevna is a plus size model and blogger who's style is definitely "Thrifted Chic"!
Here's what Allie had to say about thrifting...

What do you enjoy most about thrifting? 
I find that thrifting gives me the ability to give my closet a unique voice that regular stores don't. I wear a size 14/16, so many stores that cater to plus size women don't always have a lot of variety. Thrifting always gives me that edge that I am looking for and I'm convinced there is a 1980s version of me who is always dropping her things off for me to find.
Also, many items that you would find at Forever 21 or H&M can be found for cheaper and in authentic versions at thrift stores.
Thrifted Items: Yellow Sweater and Colorblock Blazer

What are two tips you would give someone who's thrifting for the first time?  
One tip I always like to give people is to have patience and pick up things that you might normally turn away from in a traditional store. Sometimes something that looks ugly or odd turn out to be the best items when you put them on. But you have to dedicate time to finding them and sifting through racks. You can't run in and out of a thrift store the way you can the mall.
Thrifted Items: Red Dress  and Blazer

Another tip I would say is to wear form fitting clothing like leggings and a fitted tee shirt so that you can slip on jackets or sweaters  to see if they will fit you. You should obviously dry clean your items before wearing them, but putting them on over leggings serves a double purpose because you can see the fit without having to worry about potentially unclean items directly on your skin.

Thrifted Items: Oxblood Leather Swing Coat
 Tell us about your favorite thrifted find.
Hands down, the greatest piece I ever found at a thrift store is a genuine leather, oxblood swing coat with shoulder pads. It looks like it was owned Ginger from the movie Casino! It's in amazing condition and it's previous owner took amazing care of it. I probably would have paid hundreds for it retail, but I bought it for $15!

Such amazing finds! Which was your favorite Thrifted Chic Look?

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My Style is Thrifted Chic is a feature showcasing thrifted finds of Style Chic 360 Readers. To be considered check out this post here for details on how to submit your looks. Images may be featured on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. 

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  1. Love this feature!!! I'll have to check her out!

  2. I love this new series Inez!! I follow Allie's blog and her style is FAB. Great feature :)

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  3. That leather swing coat is awesome! Thanks for sharing Allie and I love the new feature Inez!

  4. Wow, she is gorgeous and that coat is FAB!


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