{Insta-Life} Last week on Instagram

I have a love hate relationship with social media most time, currently I'm re-kindling my love affair with Instagram. Take a peek into what I was up to last week.

Weekend wear at the mall.

My first photoshoot as a photographer. Shooting the Spring 2014 collection of Illustrious Jewelry by Liz I was so excited to shoot and I love the way the pictures turned out.

Last week I started lunch time work outs. This was day two.

I got two new pair of shoes from Urban OG, see the other pair here.

After Prince was groomed, he finally let me snap a picture at the end of the night. He is so adorable!

My niece turned 21 and I wore this Old Navy dress to her party.

I shared my first meal prep video #SC360Health.

Be sure to find me on Instagram @StyleChic360!


  1. Prince is adorable! Looks like you're really trimming and toning--meal prepping and work outs are great!

  2. These were all lovely pictures! I'm digging how you made the ON dress work for the spring!

  3. awesome post those white yellow and green pants love love love!!!


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