Crazy Pants + Launch

FASH DET_SweetToothMagLaunch (894x1024)
With Editor & Chief Jessica Justice and Erika
to bad my eyes are closed!

Sweet Tooth Magazine Launch
Erika and I attended the launch party of Sweet Tooth Magazine. Sweet Tooth Magazine is new online publication that launched earlier this month. Erika and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Editor and Chief, Jessica Justice and will be featured in the February Issue. Highlighting all things  FASHion and DETroit. We couldn't be more excited! So naturally we had to represent at the launch of Sweet Tooth!

The launch party was great and I am very happy for Jessica, I wish Sweet Tooth Magazine all the best!
Be sure to subscribe to Sweet Tooth Magazine here!

 For a full recap of the event, please go check out the FASH DET recap here.
Sweater: Ashley Stewart, last seen here.  Jacket: Target  Booties: Bakers  Pants: Forever 21, last seen here.  Earrings: Forever21 Bag: Thrifted  Belt: ASOS

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Thrifted Goodies + #FDThrift Event


Yesterday, Erika and I hosted the very first FASH DET thrift store crawl! I was so excited to finally meet in person so many FASH DET members! It was a great event, with such a great turnout! I would like to again thank everyone for coming out!
You can find a full recap with tons of pictures here and here!
We  met at Caribou Coffee in Royal Oak and soon after ventured out to a few pretty awesome vintage and thrift stores in downtown Royal;  Salvation Army, Royal Oak, Lost and FoundChocolate Shop Vintage, and Paris were the stores we shopped.

I made sure I purchased something from each store and I definitely tried not to go overboard I'm really becoming addicted to the "hunt"! I did pretty good and so did everyone else! :)
Here's what I scored!

Chocolate Shop Vintage
All items $5
Salvation Army

 Lost & Found Vintage
This event was a ton of FUNNNN!! We cannot wait for the next one! If you're on twitter be sure check out the #FDThrift hashtag for updates and happenings from the event. As well as recap posts from the attendees! 

Once again a huge shoutout to everyone who came out!

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#FDThrift: Fashion Bloggers of Detroit Thrift Store Crawl

On Saturday, January 28th FASH DET hosted our very first Thrift/Vintage Store Crawl! The day was filled with shopping, store hoping and fun! We met at Caribou Coffee in Royal Oak, and before heading out we introduced ourselves and in true fashion blogger form we took tons of pictures!

The Stores We Shopped:
Salvation Army, Royal Oak, Shaunah found a pair of glitter TOMS in mint condition! The store also had mark downs of up to 75% off! Lost and Found, we really loved Lost & Found's collection, we all seemed to flock to the dresses! Chocolate Shop Vintage, almost everything in the store was $5 dollars, we nearly lost our minds in that store! Great items for low prices! Paris. Paris had an awesome sale on accessories we all racked up with 60% off! The staff was very helpful and excited to have us!
This event allowed a place and opportunity for our members and friends to meet, greet and shop in one place! We definitely Thrifted until we Dropped! Stay tuned for our individual posts of the goodies we found! We all found some great pieces!

We definitely have to send a huge thank you to the stores! You all welcomed us with smiles and pleasant service, you all even showed genuine interest in our network.  We are definitely looking forward to visiting again! Thanks also to Caribou Coffee the staff was very helpful!

In attendance:

FASH DET Members:

Friends of FASH: 
Mama Joy (Erika's Mom)
Mrs. M. (Lauren's Mom)

To see more pictures, visit us on Facebook here

#FDThrift was a huge success and we'd like to thank you all for coming!
We can't wait for the next event!

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Out + About: Sweet Tooth Magazine Launch Party

 Do you have a sweet tooth? I definitely do. Now it is finally satisfied. Erika and I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Sweet tooth Magazine. What is Sweet Tooth Magazine?

Sweet Tooth Magazine
Sweet Tooth Mag is your monthly publication to the good life. We dedicate our editorials to showcase young ambitious entrepreneurs in the world of Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Sponsored Events and Entertainment. We are not only a magazine but also a monthly guide to your Who’s Who events, Beauty Launches, Products, Interviews and much more. We are here to satisfy your appetite. Enjoy every bite!!! Our readers are worldwide. Our brand alone tells a story about a Sweet Tooth Reader. He/She is an individual who loves all the things in life that we crave for. Rather you love to travel, read, shop, or socialize, Sweet Tooth Mag indulges in each individual’s appetite in its very own way!! Our focus is Detroit Natives, and every three months we feature a city in which we dedicate our editorials solely on that city source
Founder and Editor Jessica Justice and Publicist Britni Akir

Sweet Tooth Promo Models (Beautiful Ladies)

Lovely and yummy cupcakes by Lush Yummies
Erika and I
The event was wonderful. It was held at the Hamilton Room in Birmingham, MI.  When we arrived  we were greeted by the paparazzi Davide the Photographer and NicAnthony Photography to take pics. Then we had wonderful appetizers and yummy cupcakes. The promo models were present making sure you were able to subscribe to the magazine. Jessica was greeting everyone with smiles and hugs. We were very excited because when we met Jessica it was like we knew her forever. We are so excited for her magazine and success. 

We are also glad to announce that we will be featured in the February issue discussing FASH and Fashion! 

Be sure to check out the premier January issue and SUBSCRIBE to Sweet Tooth Mag. The founders of FASH DET are all about supporting local entrepreneurs and events.

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Twenty +9 = BornDay

HM Clutch animal print
Hey Yall,
So, I celebrated my 29th birthday last Tuesday on January 17th. Can I first say that my birthday was pretty amazing?! I enjoyed dinner with family and close friends on my birthday
at Duo Restaurant & Lounge which is newly opened. I loved the ambiance and our waiter was pretty awesome! I can't wait to go back. Wednesday, I had a pretty spectacular surprise...I will fill you in on that in my next post! :)) I honestly have no complaints this year! This is probably one of my favorite birthdays so far! Special thanks to my honey and family, love yall!

On to what I wore! 
I ordered this faux leather pleated skirt from the Jennifer Lopez Collection at Kohl's right after Christmas. I had wanted a (p)leather skirt ever since I missed out on the one H&M offered. I have to say I really lucked out when I saw this online, it is simply amazing! I love the fit and the soft pleats add a nice touch! It was also on sale when I purchased it! SCORE!
JLO leather skirt

Once I received the skirt I knew I would wear it on my bday! It's amazing, I paired it with a polka dress that I'm wearing as a shirt that I thrifted during a recent trip with Erika. I begged her to let me have it and she did! hehe! I added my thigh high boots from Bakers along with my H&M animal print clutch and here you have my birthday look! I'm also wearing my Cookie Lee bracelets from my giveaway win from Kiah! :)

JLO leather skirt_birthday

I really love the way this outfit turned out!

I want to send a huge thank you for all the birthday wishes
via twitter, instagram, facebook and messages! You all are the best! 
Thanks to Erika for suggesting I get some balloons and pose with them. I love these pics! :) 

P.S. I'm trying something new on my YouTube channel...Thanks to Kim of The Natural Fashionista I've started doing OOTD videos. Kim has an awesome YT channel! She really inspired me, to start doing OOTD themed vids. I've done two so far! I hope you'll appreciate them. 
Dress worn as Shirt: Thrifted    Skirt: Jennifer Lopez for Kohls  Shoes: Farrah 2, Bakers
H&M    Bracelets: Cookie Lee via Kiah   Earrings: Thrifted

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Thrift Store Haul Video + Shop With Me

I am soo happy for the movement and growth of FASH DET, as you know FASH DET: Fashion Bloggers of Detroit was co-founded by Erika and I in September 2011, our network of Detroit area bloggers is growing at a steady rate and we couldn't be more ecstatic about it! What better way to celebrate our growth, meet our members and share our love of fashion, than with a thrift/vintage shopping event! YES! We are going shopping Saturday and you're invited! That is if you're in the Detroit area of course, hehe.

If you're in the Detroit Area, please join us for a Thrift Store Crawl on January 28th. Please let us know if you plan to attend, you can RSVP here.

I thought now would be a great time to share my love of thrifting and share some of the goodies I've acquired over the last 2 months with you. So be sure to take a peek at my 2 video hauls and you'll see first hand just how good you're local thrift store can be to you! I'm a living witness. LOL HA!

I also found my very fist Int'l Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) Tag in one of the dresses! *SCREAMS*

Be sure to subscribe to my channel!
I don't always post about my videos here on the blog :)

How often do you thrift/vintage shop?

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I Have a Blogger Secret


Hey Yall!
Before you beat me up for not posting at all for the last week and a half...I want you to know I have a ton of updates to share that I think you're going to love!!! As you know I'm still playing catch up on many of my posts, this is one of them....

The fabulous Kourtney of Cheap Chic & Curvy had the awesome idea of us doing a blogger secret Santa. What a great idea! Kourtney took care of the name "pulling" and emailed us all the details. I also received a surprise gift from Kourtney in the mail a couple days ago! She gifted me with some amazing **brand new** fuchsia Ralph Lauren pants that she thrifted! They are amazing and fit great! Thanks so much Kourtney!!! I love them and they're my favorite color! YESSS Please! 


I knew that whomever had received my name would have some fun choosing a gift for me! We were asked to give a list of items, however, I wanted my Secret Santa to gift me with something they thought would fit me so I didn't give a list. :) I hoped I didn't drive my Secret Santa crazy with that decision...hehe!

When I received the package in the mail...I knew exactly who my Secret Santa was, because I had just recevied a fabulous package from winning her awesome blog giveaway! Admittedly, I was very anxious to see what Prissy had gotten for me! Prissy gifted me this amazing wrap! It is a pretty grey color and I honestly can't wait to wear it! :)

Prissy even mentioned that she owns a few wraps herself and loves them! I can't wait to style it, and hopefully see how Prissy wears hers too. Thank you so much Prissy! :))

I was the Secret Santa to Kelleashia of Kelly Monroe. You can find out what I purchased for Kelleashia as she fills us in here.

Have you ever participated in a Secret Santa?

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A Little Mustard

Hey Yall,
I've had the worst headaches lately and today I stayed home and slept most of the day with my head under the pillow after taking my migraine medication. I was not going to post at all today because well honestly I was supposed to do my post last night and I was too tired, and I could feel another headache coming on. Remember, I was supposed to fill you in the blogger secret santa I participated in. I will try to post that tomorrow. :) I'm so behind, sorry guys!!

Well fast forward Erika sent me a text this afternoon about the Everybody, Everywear challenge which is Black and White this time around. I wasn't going to participate but I remembered I had an outfit in my archives that I hadn't posted yet, that would work out great for this post. 

Erika and I had attending a social event last month and this is what I wore. GEDC0095
Black + White | Everybody, Everywear
Jacket: Thrifted (Elle for KohlsCowl neck Sweater: Ashley Stewart (gifted)  Skirt: Wetseal last seen here  Tights/Jewelry: Random  Shoes: Jennifer Lopez for Kohls  Clutch:  Aunt Lily's Closet

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Edge on Bottom


Hey Yall! 
I hope you had a great weekend! I did, it was filled with lots of excitement that I can't wait to fill you all in on!

Well as you know I'm still playing a bit of catch up with my post! I am sooooo behind. I don't even think I had the chance to tell you all that a few of us bloggers participated in a Secret Santa hosted by Kourtney of Cheap Chic and Curvy. Kourtney had the awesome idea of us all participating in a blogger secret santa. This was sooo much fun and it was great to see what everyone received.
This outfit is what I wore the day I went out to the mall on a hunt for my bloggers gift. I will fill you all in on my gift and who my Secret Santa was and what I received on Wednesday so stay tuned!! I'll also try to recap the participants post if I can find them. hehe.
Cowl Neck Sweater: Dots (old)   Jeggings/Earrings: Forever21 
Animal Print Wedges: Candies via Kohls  Bangles: Random Bag: Auntie Lily's Closet   Belt: ASOS
This outfit is pretty simple, with just a little edge on bottom...meaning my leopard print wedges. You may also remember seeing a little of this look here.

Please go love my look on Shoeternity!
I won look of the day and I'm trying for the Look of the Week, if I win I win a free pair of shoes!
Just click on the picture to vote!


UPDATE***I won! I won! Look of the Week! :))
Here's to a great week! 

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Detroit Fashion Collective Launch

Detroit Fashion Collective| Launch Party
The DFC was founded by Adriana Pavon who saw the need for a unique and independent creative fashion community within the city of Detroit. The DFC focuses on accelerating independently owned fashion businesses and a mission to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of design students. The DFC services include: fashion design, hair and makeup, photography, wardrobe and image consulting, manufacturing and consulting and workshops and seminars. source (paraphrased)
Erika and I were invited to attend the private launch party of the DFC, which took place at the studio space that will house the DFC. The launch was filled with networking, great food catered by Chef Chris Lawshea and drinks.  Mixing and mingling was the order of the night; meeting and chatting with Adriana, the mastermind behind the DFC, and other movers and shakers in the city, as well as exploring the space were the highlights of the evening. It was truly an amazing launch and we were proud to represent FASH DET!

Here's a Recap in Pictures:

GEDC0019 DFC Sewing Tables

adriana pavon + inez + Erika
with Adriana Pavon, DFC founder
with Kev Couture, celebrity stylist
We left our mark on the DFC wall.
What I wore:
Romper: ASOS last worn here   Cropped Blazer: Thrifted 
Auntie Lily's Closet  Tights: Walmart 
Shoes: Jennifer Lopez for Kohls   Jewelry: Random

We had such a great time representing FASH DET at this event. I can't wait to see what is next for the DFC and I look forward to upcoming events. 
P.S. I'm playing catch up with my post until I get caught up :) Hope you all don't mind. :)

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