Giveaway: Win a Everlast TR5 Wireless Activity Tracker Watch #SC360Gives

Since I've dubbed this week, Style Chic 360 Health Week, I thought it would be fun to host a giveaway! You can win this great activity tracker watch, that will help you stay on track and monitor your activity! 

Keep tabs on your fitness plan with help from Everlast's activity tracker watch. This digital design tracks:

  • Steps
  • Calories
  • Distance
  • Sleep patterns
  • Rechargeable with a 3.5mm USB cable
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • iPhone/Android app

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Disclosure: This post is not sponsored in any way.  Giveaway ends Friday March 6, 2015. Winner announced on Monday at 7:30m EST on

{Reader Request} Everything You've Ever Wondered About #MealPrep

This post is dedicated to my followers and the many questions I receive regarding my weekly meal prepping! When I first started meal prepping, I wrote this post, which answered many frequently asked questions received via Instagram.

It's been just about a year since I embarked on my #SC360Health journey and I have to say it has been phenomenal! It has not been easy but it has definitely been worth it!

Last week, I gave my followers the opportunity to ask me anything health and or meal prep related and these are the questions I received. Thanks so much to everyone that participated here goes!

Stef on Facebook asks:
Where do you buy your containers? Believe it or not, all of my containers come from the dollar store. I absolutely love Dollar Tree, and if you have one in your area look for the Betty Crocker brand, those are the ones I use and for just a buck, you can't beat that! You can even by them by the case online here.  

Micki from Facebook asked:
How did you get started? What was your initial motivation? How do you stay motivated? I talk all about the reason I got started in this post I wrote, The Main Reason I Started Meal Prepping. My initial motivation was simply change, I was not happy with what I had become, with the way my body looked and that for me was when the lightbulb went off. I've always been heavier and I had always generally been ok with my size, but at that moment I was not, so something had to change! I keep myself motivated, by rewarding myself, setting fitness goals and giving myself a break. It's ok to have off days, but if for the majority of the time you are on (meaning consistent), it's ok to that have that reese cup or piece of chocolate cake. 
Jana'e on Twitter asks:
What do you do to stay motivated throughout your journey? Please see previous response. But as far as fitness, when working out, I've learned that I'm never really satisfied with results, now that may be a bad thing, but for me it works as a bit of a motivator because it drives me to push harder. I set fitness goals, when I started I could not do a sit up now I do them with weights. I still can't do a unmodified pushup, so my goal is to be able to do one, one day! I also allow myself breaks, where I do not workout, I push myself but it's ok to turn it off, too.  
I''m on my personal journey as well. Exercising has been easy but meal planning is not my strong point. What tips do you have? Just try it! So many people ask me a ton of questions and say how they couldn't do that, but they have never tried it, and that to me is foolish. Figuring out what works best for you is key! Mealprepping for an entire week may not be your thing, but you may want to try it for 2-3 days. I think it's very important to figure out just what works for you and thats through trial and error. I've figured out what meals I prefer over others, and I try to change things up here and there because it can get boring, but all in all for me, meal prep is the easy part. 
@Shalandaleigh on Instagram asked:
Do you get tired of eating the same thing everyday? Nope, honestly I do not get tired of eating the same thing daily. I'm an extremely picky eater and not a foodie at all, so food really just isn't my thing, so I don't mind it at all. 

@divadoll_13 on Instagram asks:
Do you have a website or somewhere that you get meal inspiration from? I follow a lot of sites on Instagram, you can find a list of them here. I also utilize hashtags, try searching #MealPrep on Instagram, you'll find tons of inspiration. I also share recipes with friends and coworkers, too. 
@Bigsistagorgeousone on Instagram asks:
What do you use to season your meat with? Since I try to keep my sodium intake to a minimum, I do use Mrs. Dash but it can be a bit bland, so sometimes I will season very lightly with Lawry's season Salt on one side, I figure having it in moderation is ok, I generally only use it on chicken...sometimes. I also love my food to be extra extra spicy so I use crushed red pepper on almost everything and that sort of eliminates the need for extra spices. I saw this company on Instagram and I'm thinking about placing an order soon to try out their spices, you should check them out.  
Did you detox before you started your healthy eating journey ;)! No I do not detox. I just purchased a detox tea, but I've yet to try it yet. I find that eating healthy and increasing my fiber intake is detox enough for me, lol. Also after a good workout you'll find it works as a great detox as well. I'm not against them, just haven't really done them. I'll let you all know on Instagram how the tea goes if I like it. 
@Fourelevencutie on Instagram asks:
What kind of workout do you do and if you did do`detox what kind of detox? Initially when I started I did lots of cardio, I attended a fitness class from someone I met through Instagram, who had lost lots of weight, @YouVsYouFitness, then I joined the gym at my job and started with cardio. After learning there was a free bootcamp being offered at my job I entered it. That really jump started me and got me excited about working out! It was a six-week program and it was amazing.  Now, because it's winter I do a lot of home workouts. I love Jillian Michaels and Insanity by Shawn T. I also try to make it to the gym for cardio a few times a week. I love the treadmill.  
As far as detox, check out my previous comment, but no I did do any type of detox.

Naturally_curvy_me on Instagram asked:
How often do you workout? And do you use weights? I try to at least workout 3 times a week. Sometimes I do more or less, just depends on my schedule. I do utilize the weights and I also do lots of exercises that use my body weight as resistance. Using the weights is very important because muscle burns fat. So you want to be sure you're not only losing but building muscle as well. 
NoisySilence29 on Instagram asked:
What are your favorite meals to prep or the easiest? Ok, so I have to tell you all my trick! I use frozen vegetables, usually steamables that you pop directly into the microwave bag and all. This makes life so easy!! My time is very very very limited so finding the easiest way to get my meal prep done is best for me. What I love about the steamables is that have little to no added salt, oils or sauces, so they're as close to fresh as you can get. My favorite meal to prep would have to be Salmon with sweet chili sauce, brown rice and spinach. It is so easy quick and simply delicious! I'll be sharing the recipe soon! It's pictured in the picture up top.
Fabulous_favor_classy on Instagram asked:
How many days do you meal prep for? I only meal prep Monday-Friday, as staying on track during the week is the hardest because I'm always on the go. Weekends I allow myself to eat whatever I like. Sometimes it's healthy and sometimes its not, but I never meal prep on the weekend. 
Thanks so much to everyone that asked questions, these were all great and I hope my answers have inspired you to: Just Get it Done! As a result of this post, I will try to blog more about my fitness and meal prep! Until next time be sure to find me on Instagram @StyleChic360 and my hashtag #SC360Health, where I share everything health and fitness. 

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and stay tuned for a few more posts this week as I've dedicated it as Health Week here on the blog! :)

How to: The Easiest Flexi-Rod Set on Crochet Braids

Hi guys! So after many many requests on my Facebook, blog and Instagram I decided it was time to sit down and show you all just how I achieve the awesome curl pattern in my latest protective style. So, I went ahead and filmed my very first hair tutorial on Youtube! Whoot, whoot!

In this video, I dish about what exactly is in my hair and how I achieved this look. As I try to be a bit more active on my YouTube Channel, please let me know if there are any videos you'd like to see from me!

Check out my tutorial here: 

Let me know if you'd like to see more YouTube videos from me!

@TheLipBar Mobile's Unveiling at Thrift on the Avenue #TheLipBarMobile

This past Saturday,  I had the opportunity to attend The Lip Bar Mobile's unveiling of their Lip Bar Mobile at Thrift on the Avenue in Detroit, MI. Recently featured on ABC's Sharktank, The Lip Bar's founder Melissa Butler is ready to take the mobile on the road in hopes of creating a unique and intimate shopping experience for her consumers.

Lipstick on the Avenue was an event that featured the unveiling of The Lip Bar Mobile. What is a Lip Bar Mobile?  Think food truck but with cosmetics! The Lip Bar hopes to provide self expressive and responsibly made cosmetics, and they are doing just that by offering traditional and non-traditional vibrant hues of lipsticks. 
What makes The Lip Bar different? Each lipstick is made from all-natural ingredients including: Vitamin E, castor, coconut, avacodo and shea butter.

We're excited to see what's in store for The Lip Bar and wish them much success!

 Check out our recap in video here:

Single Ladies: Treat Yourself for Valentine's Day...Know Your Worth

Today is Valentine's Day and I was inspired to write this post, you guys know I never blog on Saturday's but this was heavy on my heart. 
Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6 (NKJV)
I was reminded of this scripture and I am using it metaphorically today. It lead me to question our hearts as single women. Do we truly know our worth? Are we sulking today, knowing that we are spending yet another Valentines day alone. Are you going to stay in the house today to avoid seeing any of the lovers today? I urge you to get up out of that spirit, shake it off and treat yourself! Take yourself on a date, buy yourself flowers or cook a great meal! Do not scroll Instagram all day wishing your life was different! 

How will our men know how to treat us, if we do not treat ourselves? How are we developing and training their thoughts, so that they will not depart from them if we ourselves are thinking negative on February 14th? I am reminded that although today is Valentine's Day, it is no different from any other day. A day I was blessed with, a day that I will live and be glad in! 

I was gifted some pretty amazing bra's and panties from my friends over at Perfects Australia via Kohls and I love them! Today, I'll be lounging around, sitting pretty in them, enjoying the Edible Arrangement I sent myself and sipping on a little wine as I celebrate this lover's holiday with my puppy, Prince. 

Ladies, let's not forget our worth on today! Let's get up and enjoy our life to the fullest, daily! Let's not let a "holiday" dictate how we feel about ourselves! Let's remember what Love truly is all about
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 
1 Corinthians 13:13
With love,

Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration: Birthday Girl

Wow! It's the eve of Valentine's Day and I made it through my Valentine's Day Lookbook Click to see all looks!  ! I hope you all have enjoyed each look as much as I enjoyed styling them. One of my closest friends birthday is on Valentine's Day, that's pretty special right? Hey, Aisha boo get ready get ready!! So, I thought it would be great to style an outfit for the Birthday Girl who gets to celebrate on the love holiday! I mean what girl wouldn't want to wear a tutu on her special day, right? I know you all remember this amazingly luxurious tutu that Liz of Illustrious Jewelry made me last year, if not check out the amazing debut of it here

This skirt is perfection and every time I wear it I feel like a princess! Interested in one? Be sure to contact Liz via email here.  Trust me, you will not find a tutu as well crafted as this one! 

Top: HM (OLD) 
Skirt: Illustrious Jewelry by Liz (Here)
Pointy Toe Pumps (Similar HERE)

Would you wear this look? Happy Valentine's Day!! <3

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Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration: The Dinner Date

Coninuing on with my Week Full of Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration Series, here is the perfect look for your dinner date! Last time I wore this skirt was here, who remembers this?! You can never go wrong with a blazer or pencil skirt, they are just so classic. Can you believe I thrifted this amazing tuxedo blazer? I love it, it's perfection definitely a gem! This look screams, power, muted sexy and sophistication. I wanted to keep it simple and let the clothes do the talking so I opted for no accessories. Just a plum lip and done!

Stay tuned for the last look in this series tomorrow!

Tuxedo Blazer and Clutch: Thrifted
Silk Tank: JCPenney (OLD)
Leopard Print Pencil Skirt: Forever 21 (OLD)
Pointy Toe Pump: Jessica Simpson

So, would you wear this look? 

Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration: Night on the Town

As promissed I'm giving you all a week full of outfit inspiration for Valentine's Day (Check out look one here and look two here). Look 3 features a look that works great for a night on the town! My mom said this one should be for a play where I have to give standing ovations often, so that maybe my husband would see me, haha! I told her good luck with that, men never speak to me, smh! Whew, that's a topic for another day, back to the outfit.

So this dress features an animal print bodycon that I scored from the Kardashian Kollection at Sears. I've really been lucking up finding great pieces from their collection. The sizing can be a bit wonky, so be sure to go try the items on, this dress was only $14 bucks! SCORE! Adding bits of Pantone's color of the year, Marsala, tied the look in nicely.

Living in Michigan, it's always hard in the winter months to manage to be cute and fashionable and WARM, but with this look I could easily though on my leather bomber jacket underneath my vest to stay warm.

 Shop the look (CLICK PICKS)

Dress: Kardashian Kollection via Sears
Faux Fur Vest: Calvin Klein (OLD)
Ankle Strap Heels: Bakers (OLD)
Shoulder Bag: Target (OLD)

So what do you think? Would you rock this look?  

Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration: Date Night in Your LBD

I hope you are enjoying my Valentine's Day Series, if you missed Look 1: Girl's Night Out click here. As promised here is look two. This look would be perfect for a night on the town with your Valentine, perhaps dancing is on the menu. What I like most about this look are the tights, they add, just a bit of edge to this otherwise plain look.  The LBD (little black dress) is something we all should have for those days you just don't know what to wear, they're just so effortless! Don't forget your red lip!

Click item to purchase.

Dress: Macy's
Tights: ASOS
Ankle Booties: Bakers (OLD)
Statement Necklace: Thrifted
 Clutch: Kardashian Kollection via Sears

So would you wear this look? Stay tuned tomorrow for look three! 

Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration: Girls Night Out

Hey guys with Valentine's Day quickly approaching I wanted to share one look each day this week to give you all some inspiration for the lovers holiday.  This look is with Girl's Night Out in mind! I love that it manages to be sexy, playful and flirty all at the same time! Shop your closet and see if you can style a similar look and if you do, share on social media with the hashtag #SC360Inspired!

Click item to purchase. 

Sleeveless Vest: Target
Sheer Lace Crop Top: Sears Kardashian Kollection
High Waist Jeans: Levi's
Lace Up Gladiator Booties: Random $10 Shoe Store
Necklace: Sears
Clutch: Forever 21  

Stay tuned for look two tomorrow. Would you wear today's look?

Happy 1st Birthday to My Prince

Today is my poodle's Prince's 1st birthday! Admittedly, since I have had Prince, he is more of son to me than a pet, I know that may sound weird to some, but that's just how it is for us Dogmom's and dads. I love this little guy so much and he is way too spoiled but I can't help it! Originally, I wanted to have him a royalty themed party and invite all the dogs that we know, however, my schedule just didn't permit for it, this time.

So, I decided I would make him a doggie gift basket filled with things he'd love and a few things he needed. Prince, has birthed a new found love of mine which is pet photography, so we had to have a mini birthday photo shoot. He wasn't feeling it at first but after a little coaching and bribing with treats, he cooperated for about five minutes, lol!

Today my little boy is 1 year old, seven in dog years. He's growing up way too fast! He's still the lovable puppy he was when I got him, he loves to cuddle and play with his toys. He always so excited to see me and welcomes me with so much love. I love him more and more each day.

Be sure to keep up with Prince on Instagram by following his hasthag #SC360DogMom

Swing Dress | Faux Fur Vest

Hi guys so this is my second post of 2015 and I realized I hadn't said Happy new year to you all! My prayer is that this year and beyond is "better" for you!  Bright, Effective  Triumphant, Transperant and Truthful, Efficient and Rich in Blessings.

If  you follow me on Instagram you know i celebrated my birthday, with a mini vacation to the DMV, after celebrating, I then had to head to Atlanta to attend my uncles funeral.  He lived a full life rich in laughter and love, I'll miss him a lot! I ask that if you prayer you say a prayer for my family's strength during this difficult time.

I'm claiming this year to be a great one and I claim the same for you!

Wearing: Faux Fur Vest: Calvin Klein (OLD), Mustard Swing Dress: H&M (OLD), Lace Up Booties: Zara (OLD), Bucket Bag: Old Navy (OLD)

Photography by Already Ready, Ent. 

Thanks for reading!

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