Meal Prep Monday: Quick Easy Vegan Meals

The title of this post might be a bit misleading...considering I generally meal prep on Sundays. No need to worry though, whether it's Sunday or Monday, I just make sure I get it done! I've designated Monday's on Style Chic 360 as Meal Prep Monday. These posts will feature a dish I've prepared for meal prep and hopefully inspire you to stay on track! 

As you may or may not know I started meal prepping in 2014. I shared my journey and why I decided to start prepping in a number of posts over the last few years that you can read here.

Fall + Winter Fashion: Tips on Transitioning Your Wardrobe

It's my first post of the 2018!! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and your new year is off to a great start! The last time I wore this HM maxi dress was last summer while I was visiting family in Atlanta.

How to Go Vegan: 5 Tips to Prepare You + Guarantee Success!

This post is long overdue considering I've been vegan for almost a year now. Yes!! I'm so proud of myself for staying the course and choosing veganism. If you don't know a vegan/plant based diet eliminates animal products. This includes

I'd Risk The Fall

I want to be great in all things. That means in my spiritual growth, love, life and all the other beautiful things that comes in life.  

4 Reasons I Switched to a Plant Based Diet! #Vegan

I won't be doing my weekly Vegan Try + Buy post today, but if you missed last's weeks post you can view it here. If you don't know I decided to switch to a plant based vegan diet. I have been vegan for 65 days and it has been an amazing journey! I realized after my last post that I should definitely share with you guys just how I got here.  So here are the 4 top reasons why I began vegan!


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