3 Reasons to Follow the #Local4Shopping Hashtag During Black Friday

As you all know, I love sharing a great deal! So when I was chosen (for the second year) by Hay There Social Media to be a part of the #Local4Shopping TweetTeam for WDIV/Local 4, I quickly joined in.  We're a team of 10 bloggers that will save you time and money this Black Friday holiday shopping season by sifting through the clutter and finding you the best deals! Just be sure to join the fun on Twitter!

So, here are 3 money saving reasons to follow the #Local4Shopping hashtag on Twitter:
  1. Gift recommendations. We'll save you money, time and your sanity by taking the guess work out of shopping for your loved ones! Check out our list that includes nine different categories of the best items and prices here.  
  2. Tweeting Deals.  Starting next week through Cyber Monday be sure to follow and tweet along with TweetTeam using the #Local4Shopping hashtag for the best deals both in store and online!
  3. Black Friday Shopping Tips. We'll be sure to keep you in the loop as we get through this years Holiday Shopping Frenzy follow us as we share our Black Friday shopping experiences!

      Follow all the Tweet Team Members on Twitter: 

      Join in the conversation:

      Oh, I almost forgot to mention, if you're in the Detroit area be sure to tune in to Local 4 News tonight at 11pm for more details and you may even notice a familiar face!

      Disclosure: I was selected for this sponsored post by Hay There Social Media.


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