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It's so easy on social media to post witty captions and be the fashion only girl with no voice. It is when one shares their views that they are criticized by giving it.
Yesterday on Instagram and Facebook I shared a picture of my lil sis and I after church with a rant about the way this generation dresses at church here is what was said. 

Who is teaching this generation what to wear and what is appropriate for church? I'm of the old school I guess but body...

A few people felt I was judging others and that my opinion was not warranted. Perhaps they thought I shouldn't have posted what I did. How can someone attack my opinion by giving their own? We all have them and in healthy dialogue we should be able to respect all differing views.
My rant was merely about my opinion on showing some respect to God by honoring Him in His House with your clothing. Yes, we are all in different phases of maturity with our faith and walk, but all things should be done in decency and in order.  The church may or may not have a "dress code" but one should honor it and dress occasion appropriate...come as you are deals with the spirit not your clothing.

Yesterday, I saw so much booty, breast legs and thighs I thought I was at Popeyes! It was not only distracting but disrespectful! Church just isn't the place for all of that, save it for another occasion.  Again, this is all my opinion. You don't have to agree with me and I encourage you to give your own opinion. If by your standards I'm judging others because I don't want to see booty meat at church I guess I'll be that.
Please know that I will never post anything that I feel I would have to delete. I stand by each and every word that I say and any opinion that I may voice.  I do not post things for likes or to create some type of controversy solely for attention and or validation. That is not who I am, I will never be that girl. However, I love and welcome friendly dialogue.
Now, on to this amazing dress, I was gifted it from eShakti last summer and never got around to wearing it!  If you're not familiar with Eshakti they design dresses that are fully customizable in size 0-36. You can even give them your measurements for an even greater fit. If you do decide to order this dress and you have a large bust like me, I would suggest giving your measurements as my dress was a bit snug in the bust area I ordered a size 16 and couldn't zip the side zipper. Other than that the fit and quality was superb! 

Blazer: JCPenney (OLD)   Dress: c/o eShakti  Scarf: Forever 21  

I would love to hear your take! 

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