For the Culture

It's pretty rare with the way of the world, social media and trends that we come into contact with those who stand out. People who think, talk and who live at the beat of their own drum. 

Now, I know many aren't going to understand this. Most who may read this are thinking "Girl just post another OOTD" that's outfit of the day for those that may not be aware. You know "Just show us what you're wearing". Since I started this blog in 2011 it has been a source of plus size fashion but I always thought what else Lord, what more would you have me to share with the world? Although it has been through outfits and pretty pictures I've connected with you all...I'm sorry yet happy to break it to you I am simply trying to get my mind and my life in order. 

I am letting God order my steps and allowing God to speak thru me. I am sharing my tests, trials and tribulations and for the first time in my life truly freely living in God's lane and not my own. 

I am examining myself and those around me. I am removing people that do not fulfil God's will for my life and I am welcoming those who do. I will honor God in my thoughts, in my prayers, with my actions and even with every breath I breathe. I am denouncing old habits, bad habits I've grown accustomed to. I will live the life of an outlier. I will be amongst the few that will boldly live for Christ out loud and unashamed. 

I thank God for His revelation. I thank God for His word. I thank God for what He is doing in my life and what He will do in yours. I thank Him for the unknown. I thank God for all things. 

Dear Father, 
Thank you for your provision and your love. I surrender all to you. In this world of sin allow me to be more like you. Prepare me and be with me so that I may be a beacon and live my life for you boldly and unashamed. 
In Jesus Name, 

Thanks so much for reading! 


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