In With the Old, In With the New

In with the old
In with the new 
No that's not a typo
I meant to throw you

You see I've been rekindling
All things meaningful 
Caring more about who cares 
And less about 
Who cared less

You see living in the present 
Is all that matters to me 
Because the past and the future 
I no longer see
'Cause my eyes are now set 
On being free

Now and forever, daily 
I will treasure and bask in the now 
I will cherish each second spent 
And honor the love reciprocated 
I will not take for granted 
What's being planted and sown

I will bear witness 
I will share freely 
I will love graciously 
I          WILL       LIVE
In the newness of today
EACH and every day

No longer looking back and forward 
For what was and will be 
But eternally focused on 
What is and who is special to me

Thank you Father for grace
Thank you Father for each new day 
Thank you Father for mercy
Thank you Father for love, light and life in the new



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