4 Reasons I Switched to a Plant Based Diet! #Vegan

I won't be doing my weekly Vegan Try + Buy post today, but if you missed last's weeks post you can view it here. If you don't know I decided to switch to a plant based vegan diet. I have been vegan for 65 days and it has been an amazing journey! I realized after my last post that I should definitely share with you guys just how I got here.  So here are the 4 top reasons why I began vegan!

Fasting Converted Me. My church facilitated a 40 day fast during Lent. During the fast we used the Daniel Fast as our guide. Foods that were eliminated were: meat, dairy products, sugar and foods with preservatives. During the 40 day fast, I read every label before I purchased food. This caused me to really pay attention to the things I had been putting in my body and also avoid the foods I couldn't have. I was surprised to learn there are so many chemicals, things I had not even heard of and animal by products in the food I ate every day.  It was sad and it really changed my outlook on food. I was floored at all of the preservatives and garbage that is truly in our food.  I will be blogging more about my experience with the Daniel Fast soon in case you're interested. 

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More Conscious. Although reading the labels of each product  is time consuming, however it makes you extremely conscious and aware of exactly what you are putting in your body. There are so many chemicals in the food we eat and I no longer want to consume all these things I cannot pronounce and that could potentially harm me. When I started meal-prepping, I became very conscious in eating to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not just eating for "fun, taste and enjoyment". Being vegan has intensified this commitment and I am happy and proud of myself for taking the time to care about my body and my future.

The simpler my food the better!

Don't Miss Meat. After eating meat all of my life (34.5 years) after the fast, I no longer have a desire for it! I don't miss it at all and have cleared it from my kitchen. To not even miss something that I've consumed that long means something and to me that just makes my journey that much easier.
Vegan Veggie Burger topped with Spinach and Salsa and a Spinach and Grape salad. #SimpleFood
Commitment to live a Healthier Life. Did you know the primary source for cholesterol and fat come from animal-derived foods? Right now, I am totally healthy and I want to keep it that way, I do not want to live a sick and medication filled life when I'm older and for me this is a welcomed start to not only a destination of healthiness but a journey of one!

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Are you vegan or thinking about it? Please share your stories! 


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