Let's Talk Insecurities

"Confidence is beautiful" was one of the first thing I noticed when I arrived at the LightRx location as I neared it. At my highest or even my lowest weight, I've always been confident. For me weight was never an indicator of self worth or confidence. I've always been pretty confident but that doesn't mean I'm free from insecurities.

This post, is one, I've wanted to write for some time, however, in the perfect world of social media and the internet, we all have a tendency to only air the pretty things. And for me, having chin hair just does not qualify as one of those pretty things, so I kept this to myself. I started noticing chin hairs when I was a teenager, they weren't thick at all, I just didn't understand why I was so hairy. I mean, I had thick eyebrows, hairy sideburns, hairy arms and even legs...in elementary school. Ugh, so not cool.

Being hairy became an insecurity at a very young age and one day I decided to take a razor to it. This was probably the worse thing I could have ever done, especially on my face. 

Once I hit my mid 20s the hair grew coarser and the need to shave became so frequent, I felt like I needed to shave twice a day just to keep it under control. Shaving also led to ingrown hairs, marks and ugly scaring.

I'm very self conscious about it and wonder if people noticed the hair. It became a horrible annoyance for me and I said if I could ever do something to eliminate this I would.  Admittedly, some things we may be insecure about we learn to accept, this is one thing I'm so glad that professionals have figured out a way to remedy. 

Well, that time has come and thankfully LightRX will be solving my hair issues. If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (StyleChic360) then you know that I had my first sessions for laser hair removal to remove hair from my face and underarms. I'm excited to share my journey with you all  and answer any questions you all may have regarding the process. 

Stay tunedor the next 10 months I will be sharing this very intimate journey with you! I'm hoping that by the end of this I can put my ladybeard behind me.   We shall definitely see how it goes!

Interested in learning more about laser hair removal? Read all about it here

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