Thanks Divas!!

Hey ladies,

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of my current and new followers. You are all the reason I do this, and without your support this blog would not be well as fun! ha!

For whatever reason you all follow, comment, or just simply read my blog and for that I say THANKS! Thanks for all the love and support! MUAH!

It is so awesome when others recognize my blog. It is truly an honor. Thank you.

Today I am The Diva Spotlight over at Diva in Deep Thought.
Thank you so much for the feature, be sure to check it out!

I was recently given 2 blog awards
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Thank you ladies sooooo much for my awards! These are two great ladies whose blog are equally fabulous! Be sure to check them out.

I will give  7 Random Facts about myself.
  1. I am currently trying to find out who my father seed is...I never knew him. We are going to take a DNA test this month to find out. No we will not be on Maury!
  2. I drive a '08 Dodge Avenger Red with tinted windows, I like to be incognito! :))
  3. I don't like small talk, just get to the point!!
  4. I wish I could take a field trip to heaven!
  5. I LOVE french fries I could eat them every day!!! 
  6. I am becoming addicted to thrifting! I am going today!
  7. I have grown to LOVE blogging!
I am supposed to tag people for this post, but I know alot of you have received this award already. So I'll say if you're reading this and you have not received an award, You're IT, Diva! :)))

Thanks for reading!


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