BDIB: Arm Party

Hey Ladies,

So I'll admit after seeing my girl Prissy's submission early today for BDIB: Arm Party, I felt like, as I told Prissy on twitter, "that I should have paid better attention" to the challenge. LOL! Prissy's pictures were so pretty and up-close and personal,

I knew my previous submission that I'd plan on using wasn't gonna make the grade (pun intended)!

|:.Left Arm.:|
Cookie Lee Bracelet Set Giveaway win from Kiah  Watch: XOXO via BCF
 I had to rush outside to beat the sun going down to take this pics so they were a bit rushed but I like them nontheless!

|:.Right Arm.:|
Silver & Gold Bangle: F21   Blue & White Square Bangles: ASOS   Wide Blue Bangle: Dots   Wooden Bangle: Beauty Supply
 Thanks Prissy for the silent motivation, to do a more "featured" Arm Party! 

Did you participate? If so let me know so I can come party with ya! 

Thanks for reading! 


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