My Natural Hair Journey

Hey Everyone!

So, as you can see I have a very very very new look!!! It's all thanks to my wonderful hairstylist and cousin Miss Sincere the Hairgoodess! Today, Liz and I did a hair shoot for a future spread.

In between shots Liz took these fabulous shots of me that I absolutely adore.
I tried to create a fun eclectic outfit for the shoot and I loved the way it turned out.

Natural Hair Journey

So, if you're wondering I don't have any spiritual reasoning on why I decided to do the natural hair thing! Honestly, after wearing my hair the same way (slightly different variations of the pixie) for 10 years! I just grew bored! I love my hair short and although I'm would like a huge puff or a shoulder length twist out at some point, I'm pretty satisfied with the length and style of it now.

Inez Natural Hair Journey

So, as you know for the last four months I've been wearing flexi-rod sets. I haven't had a relaxer in 4 1/2 months and I grew anxious to see what my natural texture would look like. So I've began to transition my hair. This time Sincere decided to cut most of my straight (relaxed) ends off. Most of my top is in the transition stage but everything is else in natural state. I still have a long way to go, but I'm so excited with this new look!

Inez Natural Hair Journey (6)

Not to mention the color adds an entirey different element to my look! I haven't had color since I was in 10th grade and since I've been grown, I've been scared to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new! Yet, I couldn't be more pleased with it!

Natural Hair Journey

So this new look, is very bold for me, but I'm glad I decided to go hard or go home!!
So yes, I'm a new women, with a new attitude (hehe) I couldn't help it!! I yes, I was trying to WERK it in these photos, model status! hehe!

I feel so edgy. I just love my new look! The shoot and entire process was soooo much fun! I really enjoyed getting pampered and dolled up, thanks for everything Sincere! Looking forward to this journey, I'll explain more of it on my YouTube channel soon! So make sure you're subscribed:

Can't wait to see and share with you all a few of the shots of that will be featured.

Definitely stay tuned!

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