Chic Friend Friday: Alissa

This feature of Alissa, is so overdue. Alissa's blog is another that I stalked religiously before I started my own blog! She manages to not only post the cutest and well put together outfits but somehow she finds the time to research "all things plus size".  By clicking onto Alissa blog you are bound to find many posts dedicated to the "curvy girl". Her posts are always information and stylish! I really wish we could go shopping together. She really knows how to pull pieces together, and would make any plus size girl say "where does she shop?".
 I love Alissa's blog and if you haven't checked it out, it surely won't disappoint! With this feature you will surely see why I admire her so! Make sure you check out Stylish Curves!

What prompted you to start your blog? 
I started Stylish Curves two years ago because I always wanted my own magazine. I was heavily into fashion and loved celebrity style. Being that I was plus size I wanted to provide other plus size women with an on-line resource to find trendy and modern clothes in their size. I think so many plus size girls think that they have to just shop plus and they don't. I wanted to show and tell them about brands and stores that carried size 18's or designers who cut large that they could fit their clothes too. I will never forget when I was working in a retail store and a co-worker asked me where I got a dress from. I told her I got the dress from Ann Taylor Loft and she said I didn't know they made big sizes. I knew then that I needed to share what I knew about different brands and designers with other plus size women.  

What are your fashion must haves?
I have a couple. One of my biggest fashion must haves are dope shoes. I hate it when a girl has on a cute outfit with ugly shoes. I know everyone doesn't like heels, but, at least get a dope pair of flats. I think shoes make and outfit and I often create my outfits around shoes. The second fashion must have for me is big earrings. I love large statement earrings in unique shapes. They are conversation starters. Third, I would say every curvy and plus size girl needs a great pair of skinny jeans. 

Forget all the naysayers. Big girls can rock skinny jeans too. Fourth, a great fitting bra. It seriously makes a difference in the way your clothes fit. I try to get fitted for a bra at least once a year to make sure, I am wearing the right size. Fifth, I would have to say it is imperative that you have a tailor who knows your body and your style. They can do wonders for your shape when it comes to ill fitting clothes. My tailor has created magic for some of my favorite wardrobe pieces. I also think it's important for a girl to have a great color lipstick or lip gloss. They are immediate confidence boosters on those days when you don't feel so hot. Last, a fashion must have is confidence. Not to sound cheesy, but, you need to walk and carry yourself with confidence. I always recommend that every girl should have her own theme song playing in her head. Mine is Diana Ross's "I'm coming Out" I play it on my ipod every morning.

How would you describe your style?
It's hard for me to describe my style because I like a little of everything.  I like to dress according to how I fell or want to feel. However, I do love classic looks wth a sophisticated edge. I'm the kind of girl who loves clothes. In my opinion, its easy to pick out a cute club dress, but I need clothes that work for everyday life.  I love blazers, full skirts, chic feminine dresses, and I love pleated trousers and skinny jeans. My favorite designers are Michael Kors, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, and Yves Saint Laurent. They are all about the structure and fit of clothes. They make styles that will last a lifetime. That's the kind of wardrobe I need. What I wear today, I need to be able to wear that 10 years from now.

What's the one thing you enjoy most about being a blogger? 
What I enjoy most about blogging is getting feedback from my readers. They let me know when something is hot and when it's not. I love searching for new plus size brands or showing readers how to get a celebrity look in plus sizes. Blogging consumes me in a good way. I always knew I wanted to be a fashion journalist and blogging is helping me to fulfill that dream. What's even better is that I am a voice for those plus size women who think that fashion isn't for them.

Alissa, Thank you so much for agreeing to this feature, it was an honor to have you on my blog, you are truly inspiring!!! Thanks again! If you haven't already checked out Alissa's blog you can find it here. Isn't she FABBB?!?!?!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Alissa is in fact fab. She is one of the few bloggers I have had the pleasure to meet who is uber passionate about what she does. Congrats Alissa!

  2. Very fly and stylish, love her use of colors.

  3. Def. fab! I too follow her and love her style! Another great feature!!!

  4. Great Feature. Thanks for sharing... I too love Alissa Fashion $ense. She's another one I follow as well!!!! :))

    ~Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


  5. Absolutely love every look. Virtual high five to you girlie!

  6. Alissa is a perfect choice for this feature! She is so stylish and knowledgeable!

  7. Thanks guys, I appreciate the fashion love. Truly honored.

  8. Alissa's blog is very informative and I love her fashion sense! Great feature!



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