A Little Love Sick

Ran across a song "Think of You" by Carney (Mr. Green Volume 1), and absolutely loved it. I had never heard of the artist or song.  I'll admit I'm a little love sick. I miss my ex dearly, on one hand I'm trying to let go on the other it's soooo hard. This song stopped me in my tracks today at an uxexpected hour and reminded me of my deep feelings for him, he was more than a boyfriend he was my bestfriend and confidant. Don't worry I won't get to mushy...I'm just "remembering love" and wishing things were different or simply understandable. *sigh*

Hey, everything happens for a reason. So I know I'll be alright. :)

… Hell, even love is older than the dirt covering the roots of the tallest redwood, but try telling someone not to fall in love. So, yeah, a few mates with guitars and some songs and something to say—that’s nothing new. But if it’s Carney… just go ahead and try not to fall in love. Best of luck to you. {source}
I had a very eventful and emotional Fathers Day. I may post about soon, or maybe not. I try to keep my blog "happy" and kinda was not sure about posting this. *sigh*

 P.S. I rigged my camera and it finally died on me today :( So I'm in search of a new one. Can you suggest one? I really want a reasonably priced, but great quality camera, that won't break my pockets.


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