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Hey everyone!

So I noticed yesterday that I never showed you all my beautiful cards that my Mom created for me! If you don't know my mom is an excellent graphic designer and I can definitely credit her for most of my technical abilities when it comes to a computer.

My Mom is my No. 1 fan or shall I say cheerleader! She is always so helpful whenever I need her and when I asked her to create cards for my blog she jumped at the task and of course I L-O-V-E them!

So guess what you're in luck! My mom is offering my readers a very special discount off the design of networking cards. 50% off to be exact!

So if you're in need of networking your blog, be sure to shoot my mom an email or give her a call at the number below. You can also like Heart's Treasure Design & Grafix on FB! I'm sure you two will be able to come up with something great!


So how do you Network your blog? Do you have cards?

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