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Hey everyone!

So I noticed yesterday that I never showed you all my beautiful cards that my Mom created for me! If you don't know my mom is an excellent graphic designer and I can definitely credit her for most of my technical abilities when it comes to a computer.

My Mom is my No. 1 fan or shall I say cheerleader! She is always so helpful whenever I need her and when I asked her to create cards for my blog she jumped at the task and of course I L-O-V-E them!

So guess what you're in luck! My mom is offering my readers a very special discount off the design of networking cards. 50% off to be exact!

So if you're in need of networking your blog, be sure to shoot my mom an email or give her a call at the number below. You can also like Heart's Treasure Design & Grafix on FB! I'm sure you two will be able to come up with something great!


So how do you Network your blog? Do you have cards?

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Thanks for reading!


  1. Will keep this in mind. Your cards look great.

  2. My person fell through.. and I may just need your mom :)

  3. Your mom is very talented! Love the cards.

    I'm new to the game, so I have not thought about getting cards for my blog. I usually network by going to the different sites available (, IFB, etc.). I live in MN, so I have to fine a way to network in a more personable setting... currently kicking around ideas for that.

  4. @stef yes printing is available at an additional cost.

  5. So cool, my mine does my card design as well.

  6. that's awesome that you get that kind of support, especially from your mom!!!!

  7. I love that your Mom is your number one fan so sweet of her to offer your readers a discount.

  8. These are gorgeous. Moms did a excellent job. The apple didn't fall far from the tree at all. You do a wonderful job with the blog and I'm happy to be a part of your readership, Xo!

  9. LOVE your cards! Your mom did a great job!


  10. Inez you ROCK!!!... You know you're my Baby-Girl!!!

    Thanks everyone on complimenting Inez's cards! Remember, there's no expiration on the 50% off for YOU!... Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Inez's Mom
    All Work Custom - You Think It... We've Create It... You'll Love It!


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