Back to my Roots

Hey Everyone!

I had a pretty busy weekend, I worked on Saturday evening (my part-time 2nd job) and then I went to church and out shopping with my cousin on Sunday. We are going on a cruise next month and we needed to find cute-comfy outfits.

I admit taking pictures for my blog I see is going to be a tricky for me...but I'm trying to locate a tripod so that I can take better pics for you all! Promise.... :)

Saturday before work I was able to go to get my hair done...! Yay, I was excited I have been wearing a sew-in for the past few months and I'm glad to have gone back to my short hair. I love it by the way. I normally wear my hair short but I've been exercising so I wanted to try something new. I'm glad I'm back to my roots! :) I missed my hair.

Here's what I wore on Sunday:


|top|: forever21+ 
|jeans|: forever21+ 
|boots|: Torrid 
|blazer|: Walmart
|earrings & ring|: forever21
|watch|: xoxo via burlington coat factory


And here I am back to my ROOTS


Have a great week everyone & Thanks for reading!


  1. Absolutely Stunning... I just changed "Hair"...But there's something about short hair that brings me back every time!... I feel hair hides our true beauty...& when off and away from our face it all shines through!

    I am in love...great choice for the season!


  2. Thank you soo much. I love the pixie's timeless!

  3. Definitely is...however I've had every cut but that one...I'm thinking about doing it & going "EVA" blond for the summer (Maybe) Lol

    Looks soooo cute on you!

  4. The short cute is cute.

    The outfit is winning as well. Those green boots are my fav.

  5. @ Cheryl...try it that way I can live vicariously through you...I'm too chicken to try color. lol

    @ lady girl, thank you so much for the compliments!

  6. Super cute outfit and your hair is on FIRE!! LOVE IT! Thanks for the comments and for following me sweetie! Kiah

  7. like your outfit. the boots go so well with the top!

  8. your outfit looks great. love your pixie cut

  9. Thank you so much ladies. I love my hair and those boots too, i just wish they were as comfy as they look. lol

  10. Im doing braids right now and swim class started again shortly. I will however be "Back to my roots" short hair is my thing but My Hubbster loves it long. (Hmmm he wants me to be like his mother! NOT) at any rate love the boots and the entire outfit.
    Short Hair Don't CARE!

  11. Very CUTE, LOVE the short cut! I will soon be following you as well. :)


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