Well...Hello There

Hi BlogWorld!

My name is Inez! I wanted to start this blog after months of following (but not officially) others blogs whom I found interesting. Most of the blogs I secretly "stalked" were fashion blogs, diy blogs and decorating blogs. All things that I love!

After pondering the idea of creating my very own blog, I decided I would...hey I once had a blog on yahoo360, with over 200,000 hits, so I thought I'd give my blogging hand a try again. My previous blog was mostly "life lessons", I'd post pictures, day caps and play games with the fellow bloggers on the site.

I decided I wanted to keep this blog fun and light. I will focus on decorating, fashion, and I will even try my hand at some do-it-yourself projects as they have intrigued me!

So take off your shoes and get comfy....I hope we can be great acquaintances in this blog world!



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