Green & Brown

Hey Ladies, 

Here are 2  more of my outfits from the cruise, this was our first day on the boat, after a night of partying in Miami, I was soooo exhausted. Oh that reminds me I didn't post that outfit. I loved the dress it's super comfy and those wedges I wore with the 2nd fit are also sooooooooo comfy. I'm sure they will get a lot of wear this summer. Can't wait!


Hat: Love Culture
Dress: Dots
Sandals: Shoe time
 Bangles: Forever21


Top/Belt: Ashley Stewart
Shorts: Can't remember
Wedges: Urban Original
Bag: H&M

I noticed I've gained some new followers. Thank you all so much for following and for your beautiful comments! xo

Thanks for reading! ~Inez


  1. You loook great MsLayD! I definitely need a floppy hat in my life...especially with this Cali weather.

  2. Thanks cutelildreamer!

    @ Full Figured, I never wear hats or sunglasses. So I really stepped out of my box. lol.

    I knew I would have bad hair days or mornings when my hair would be a mess so glad I thought to get one. And yes it did shade me from the sun too. They even had some cute one on the cruise to bad my luggage was already filled to the max! lol

  3. That dress is awesome!

  4. I love that maxi dress...LOVELY!! The color combo is fantastic. Now I'm getting tired of all these cruise pics that I wasn't invited to!! lol Thank you for all of your sweet comments! Kiah

  5. On a cruise, wow. I never been on a cruise before but I've visited an all-inclusive resort. I agree with Kiah, nothing says summer more than your maxi + flowy hat. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on Mode Plus. Much appreciated too.

  6. Both outfits are cute and look realy comfy...I just love those wedges.

  7. Ahhhh TruLuv!
    for the dress!! Dresses are my thing.
    Those Shoes...Those shoes!

  8. i love both looks! the maxi dress looked comfortable and wasn't too long. and i really like the green top in the next pic. like it enough to own it myself, lol. i got mine from forever21+.


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