Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I didn't even realize it was Cinco de Mayo until I arrived at work today! Well happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! I may just go out tonight for a margarita or two lol.

Here's what I wore to work today.




Blazer: Metrostyle (super old, bought as a suit and I'm just now starting to wear it)
Draped Top: Forever21+
Jeggings: Forever21+
Safari Heels: GoJane
Bag: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Dots
Bracelets/Ring: Forever21

Do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Thanks for reading! ~Inez 

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  1. Another cute outfit! Love the fit of those jean jeggins, color of the blazer and that cute lil top. Shoooot...I LOVE everything! Happy Cinco De Mayo!


  2. Cute outfit, love the blazer! No I don't celebrate Cinco De Mayo

  3. I would have celebrated Cinco; however I started the hcg diet and I am doomed for twenty more days!
    I soo love the blazer!!!

  4. what is the HCG diet? You have to explain??

    I love your hair too btw.

  5. Love the color of that blazer and the layers in that white top are gorgeous...love the flow and drape. You are wearing them skinny jeans girl! CUTE! Kiah

  6. Hi Lady!!!
    I've recently started to follow bloggers to get idea's to spice up my wardrobe... I stumbeled upon your page this morning and I thing I love you... although our body types are totally different, you have given me alot of ideas on how to add some JAZZ to my style. I just have one question...how in the world are you shopping in Forever 21, clearly you have been blessed with a double portion (clearing my thoat) you know what I mean!!! I go in this store and fine NOTHING that fits.

    Please HELP!


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