Chic Friend Friday: Misty

Today, I'm featuring Misty of An Unpretentious Teacher.

We have been following one another ever since the BDIB Prep School challenge. I initially loved all of her food posts, because they were so kid-friendly and honestly some of them are things I wanna try now, even though I don't have kids. Not only do I love her crafty side I also love her style.  

Check her out for yourself!

What prompted you to start your blog?
My husband, actually.  He was pondering the idea of starting a blog, so I stole his idea and ran with it (as I usually do).  LOL.  Seriously though, I am currently earning my teaching degree with my sight set on preschool, love fashion like crazy, and really dig writing.  So a blog seemed like a wonderful idea.  With my blog, I have been building and sharing a cache of preschool activity ideas, while also hopefully inspiring professional yet comfortable styles for those who work with young kiddos. 

 What are your fashion must haves?
When I'm in the classroom, cute ballet-style flats are a must.  And anything with pockets.  Dresses, skirts, pants - all must have pockets for kleenex, bandaids, small rocks, picked flowers, and whatever else a kiddo will ask you to hold.  Out of the classroom - a great pair of jeans, a sassy pair of heels, and a bold scarf.  For this summer - a hat and large sunglasses too!


How would you describe your style?
Oh my goodness.  That's complicated.  I'm complicated.  I tend to try everything.  Well, everything age appropriate.  Some days I really like a romantic vintage look.  Other days I'm modern and bold.  I tend to be matchy, although I am getting better at not matching.  I think.  I am very modest though.  Classy, I guess is the word.

What's the one thing you enjoy most about being a blogger?
I love getting to know other bloggers!  That has been a treat.  I also enjoy being able to put my ideas and words and pictures out there into the world.  It is very freeing and scary at the same time.    

Thank you so much for participating Misty!

Be Sure to Check out her blog.

...and thanks to you for reading!



  1. I just checked out her blog. I love this concept of featuring other bloggers. Great.

  2. Thank you for spreading your love in the blogosphere, Inez. I am off to check Mysty out.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Thank you for entering the contest and following my blog. I will definitely look at your fetures, Misty's blog. I Love to find interesting new blogs.

  4. She looks great and Ive given you an AWARD at my blog for being so FAB! I think youve already got one of these before but I still wanted to add you to my list!!!

  5. Amazing her stripe tops!


  6. I Love this interview! Misty's style is so cute and she's super sweet =)

  7. Thank you Inez, for the interview and feature! This looks wonderful...and so many sweet comments. You have awesome followers!


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