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Hey ladies,

This evening...pretty late, I noticed that Katy of Modly Chic's "Fashion/Beauty Friend Fridays was doing "Where I Blog" this week. I'm not an official member of the group just yet
(I just sent in my request to join). However, I did want to be apart of the Virtual FBFF.

So here is my the space where I complete my blogging. My desk is a dressing table from IKEA. I had been looking for a small corner desk for a while with no luck. When I saw this dressing table in IKEA I thought it make a great desk. It's just enough space and just the right size. I love it.

On my desk you'll find my Audrey Hephurn journal I purchased from Pier1. My iPhone, which is what I do most of my blog reading from. Everything else is from IKEA. except the red vase and lamp. I believe the vase is from burlington (it's super old) and the lamp is from partylite, which my mom used to sell years ago.

I wanted an iMac for the longest time and finally purchased one about 4 years ago. The painting of me was a gift from a friend about 4 years ago.

I hope Katy doesn't mind me participating :))

Thanks for reading!


  1. I was thinking about participating as well. I did sign up for it, but considering that I just go back in town I didn't have the time to post it, but I did however get pics, and now that I have seen your post. I'm thinking I will just do it. I love the painting btw, it's beautiful. I am also the owner of an iMac and I my husband purchased mine a few months ago and I love it!! Love your workspace..very simple!!

  2. Your blogging space is so beautiful!! And the painting of you in soooo gorgeous!!! The red adds such a nice touch!

    -Cherrie <3

  3. Honey, that painting ROCKS! LOVE IT!

    I'm in love with my iMac as well...I just purchased some more software to upgrade as mine is also 4 years old.

    Nice space! : )

  4. Umm okay, can someone say HOT HOT HOT HOT!

    Awesome Inez!!

  5. I got a Mac about 8 months ago and wish I would have done it sooner! Love, love, LOVE Apple products. They totally rock!

    Love your workspace!

    Get Up & Go

  6. Love your blogging space! I dont have an iMac but I do have a macbook and I doubt I'll be purchasing anything other than apple products in the future. love it!

  7. Super cute and girlie!! haha I don't know if I could hang up a picture of myself! haha What a great gift...it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Kiah

  8. Great space and what a beautiful painting!! Loves it!


  9. Your blogging space is awesome. It's nice to have a little nook to express your creativity in. Your painting is hot too!

  10. You are so pretty chic...so cute and humble :)

    Love your blog and style.
    Happy sunday. <3

  11. Nice space!!! And the painting is the bomb! I think i'm gonna upload picture showing where I blog space.

  12. Very nice setup!!! Loving the mac and the artwork of you is beautiful!!!


  13. A wonderful workspace-much better than my laptop on my lap situation : )


  14. Aww a small a cute title office. I need me one of these. All my blogging is done from the dining table lol

  15. I just love your style. The painting is cute. Everything in your house is so chic and neat. Love it!

  16. Great work space...LO-OO-OO-VVVEEEE that painting!!!! Um..yeah...I tote my lil laptop around all over the house. lol

  17. OMGGGG!!!! You are giving HDTV a run for their money with this space!!!! And, the painting is PRICELESS!!!!!

  18. Your space is fabulous!!!! You sure do know how to decorate a room an make it shine! That painting is amazing!!!!!

  19. Very nice setup. That's a nice art rendition of you as well, fierce.

  20. Glad you're joining the group. Great painting!

  21. You have a niche for decorating Inez! Your space is so full of you, lolol. I need a MAC and a desk instead of the kitchen table or my lap.

  22. Inez, this is why I love your blog. It's uber personally and it feels like we are besties, lol. Your space looks pretty dope, I must say!


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