Chic Friend Friday: Myeshia

Myeshia | Full-Figured Diva
Myeshia's blog Full Figured-Diva has become a blog that I love to frequent. Myeshia
is always so chic and stylish. Can I first say that her hair is always on point and as a short haired diva I know just how hard it is to maintain short hair. I love Myeshia's hair and her style even more! She has a fierce shoe collection that includes many of the hot Jessica Simpson shoes we've all lusted after. Her dress collection I'd have to say at least is envious. Myeshia is also known to post recipes of cupcakes, muffins and other items that always look so yummy! I have to try one of recipes soon. She knows how to cook and dress, two pluses in my book! :)
Myesha manages to keep her style fresh by adding stylish accessories  all of which I adore! Wish I was in Cali so I could raid her closet!  Be sure to check out her blog if you haven't already, it's sure not to disappoint!

 What prompted you to start your blog?
Before starting my own blog....I stalked many fashion blogs....BUT my love for fashion is what really prompted me to start my own blog representing for the Full-Figured Divas!

What are your fashion must haves?
My fashion must haves at the moment would have to be platforms, chunky heels and jumpsuits.  OH....and I can't forget my accessories!!  Definitely a MUST HAVE! 

How would you describe your style?
My style really depends on my mood, but for the most part I would describe it as casual/trendy.

What's the one thing you enjoy most about being a blogger?
The one thing I enjoy most about being a blogger is meeting and interacting with so many positive women who all support one another and show so much love.    It's really an AMAZING thing!

Thank you Myeshia for agreeing to be featured! Keep the fierceness coming! Isn't she beautiful?
Thanks for reading everyone and hi to all the new readers!


  1. Go Myesha go Myesha hahhahahaha... coool that woman. I also love her short hairstyle and her great style is also so beautiful !!! xoxo

  2. Myesha is so beautiful I absolutely adore her blog! She rocks her curves and is so beautiful, 100% Fierce!

  3. I love Myeshia's blog! She is so beautiful and has such amazing style!

  4. Myeshia is such a beautiful women love her blog !!
    Amazing Styles !

  5. Ladies, ladies, ladies....I am smiling sooo hard right now:))) THANK YOU for all your beautiful comments and Inez....I'm speechless!! Thank you for that AMAZING introduction and for the feature! Love your blog....Love your style...and Love your spirit! You ROCK!!



  6. She is so beautiful! Nice feature!


  7. Oh my, I love her style!!!!!!!!! Will def be on her blog after this :-)

  8. She's fabulous and I love her hair!!! Oh how I wish I could rock the slick look (but I have a big head. lol)

  9. Oh yeah! Love Myeshia's blog! It's definitely one of my favs! A feature well deserved!


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