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Hey Ladies,

So today's FBFF, initiated by Katy | Modly Chic is all about DIY manicures. Now, I'll admit I never hardly ever polish my nails, I think this year I've only polished them once or twice. However, when I saw this weeks FBFF, I thought this would be a great time for me to get creative with my nails and do something I would normally not do.

A few weeks ago I picked up these two colorful nail polishes from the beauty supply store. Kleancolor Nail Lacquer in Calcium and Neon Yellow.  I had plans of painting my toe nails, however I've opted for a neutral pink the last few weeks. I thought this would be a great time to try them out. This is my first time using Kleancolor. It was just ok, a little runny, not sure if nail lacquer is usually runny or not.

I do like the way my nails turned out, I painted on polka dots by dipping a ballpoint pen into my polish. LOL I know innovative right?! HA! I admit I quickly took this off after I did, it was just too loud for me, but I'm a good sport! I think tonight I will try one of these colors on my toes.
Be sure to check out the other FAB ladies who are participating in FBFF: DIY Manicures, it's being hosted by Lifestyles of the Thrifty and Shameless this week! This is my second FBFF so far and I'm really enjoying being apart of it

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  1. I am in love with that neon yellow color. I have a yellow polish, but its not nearly as FAB as the one you have!!

  2. I like that you went all out and did something totally different. Isn't it great to be inspired by everyone around us?
    :) f
    The House in the Clouds

  3. Oh that's an interesting idea using a pen! hehe I really like these nails... it's a new mix of polka dots. Thanks for posting :)

  4. very cool look
    i used a pen a couple of weeks ago and i still have polish on my nails from it
    seriously it won't come off lol

  5. Love these nails! I am going to have to try this!

  6. I ADORE!!!! Those nails are supa cute!!! :))


  7. You are so creatvive....great jobs on your nails.

  8. visiting from FBFF...
    Super cool. Love the pink polka dots.

  9. Me likey!!! You did a great job:))


  10. I love the way they turned out...very creative! And using a pen to do the dots---now that's INNOVATION at it's best! Loves it!!



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