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Today, I'm posting a really simple work outfit. My day job is pretty casual (I work in a Library). . This look is pretty simple, and I only accessorized with a pair of my wonderful thrifted earrings.

Cardi: Dots   Leopard blouse: Torrid   Slacks: K&G   
Shoes: ShoeTime last seen here   Earrings/Backpack: Thrifted
 It's raining this morning, so again I had to take porch pics.
I love this dots cardi, you can see here how I wore it last. It can pretty much be paired with anything and it's so comfortable on. I wish I could have snagged this in more colors. Love it. I hope they bring something similar back to the stores this fall.
On another note, I'm so glad the weekend is almost here! I probably will not be going out today for my Thursday outing, because tomorrow I have to work a double. Of course that means 8 hours at my day job and 8 hours at the casino. I'm hoping I won't be too tired Saturday morning cause I'd like to get up early and get a haircut. I need one sooooo bad!
 Happy almost Friday, and a
Big Hello and Welcome to my new friends.
HEY!!! :D
Thanks for reading! 


  1. love this look I love the scenery too you look stunning Inez



  2. Wow! You look amazing! I love these neutral colors. It may be "simple", but your simple is still the bomb!

  3. I'm not really a major neutrals fan, but you look so chic and gorge!! Oh yeah, and you can just send those earrings my way! :-)

    I used to want to work in a library; I LOVE books! I'd be in reading heaven!

  4. I absolutely <3 Neutrals - Cute and love the button earrings too

  5. Love this outfit! I would so rock this...

  6. I am loving those pants Inez! You are too too cute! Kiah

  7. Lucky you, its actually raining somewhere, where I am not so much! Love the look, can't wait to see your new cut!

    Pixie Cut Chronicles

  8. oohh lovely! are those earrings clip-ons? I find alot of op-shop styles like that tend to be clips! :)

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  10. Hey Inez!!! I love your outfit... You make it seem so easy to be so FABULOUS!!! <3 it!

  11. Loving everything Inez, and wanting your earrings, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  12. Well, I've never seen a librarian dressed so chic!! LOL! You look cute & I love the earrings. I'm also a sucka for cardis


  13. You look great… A very nice relaxed outfit for work…love the leopard top!

  14. The neutral colors are nice. I love the pop of print underneath the jacket. Cute cute cute

  15. I forgot to tell you thank you for taking the time to find that info on acne. You are just too too sweet Inez! Kiah

  16. Cute Work outfit Hunny!!! You look awesome :)

  17. I loveee those earrings!!


  18. Why didn't I know you worked in one of my favroite places? Send me a book...not kidding :) You look great for most jobs. Very put together, professional yet casual.


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