Big Red Chair

My aunt celebrated her 50th bday on Tuesday, we celebrated by having dinner during Detroit Restaurant Week. For just $28 we were able to get a three course meal at a fine restaurant. I really enjoyed dinner and would like to go back to the restaurant it would be the perfect setting for a date.....

You could tell my aunt had a great time, her son is an artist and he presented her with a portrait of her self, that was so beautiful! It was touching she was so happy! It was sweet!
I chose to wear my plaid blazer that you may remember from the BDIB Challenge: Prep School. I had totally forgotten about this blazer and I was trying to find something to rock with this red skirt from Forever21 that I'd ordered a while back. I love how this looks totally different from the first time I wore this blazer. This skirt is super comfy and I can't wait to wear it again, I also purchased it in eggplant as well.
Skirt/Cami: F21  Tights: Target  Blazer: Thrifted  Shoes: Charlotte Russe  Bag: Girls Next Best Friend
Accessories: Random

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I also did a guest post on Fashion Devotee be sure to check it out! 

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  1. KA--YUTE!!!! I luv the pic in the big red chair too! Like how you paired the blazer with the red skirt -- it definitely looks different from before.


  2. I'm loving the burst of red with the black and white, Happy belated birthday to your aunt. We love restaurant week here, one of the best times of year!

  3. Inlove with your plaided blazer great look dear

  4. So cute and Coach Insignia is my favorite! Those lobster corn dogs are amazing!

  5. you changed your hairstyle. you look great. i have yet to master in color blocking. i loved your look of sep 22. take care

  6. Inez, I luv it, so sheek & makes a perfect day/evening outfit.

  7. I love the plaid blazer!!!

  8. I love your red skirt Inez! It is "FIRE"!! What an awesome chair! Kiah

  9. Love the look. I've participated in restaurant week here in NYC. It's always a treat to enjoy fine dining at great prices. Happy Birthday Aunty lol!


  10. Happy Birthday Auntie! Girl you look HOT!!! I would have never guessed that was the same blazer! Great use of it. I told my friend today, I wish it was cool enough for us to wear tights down here now. But the temperature is still in the 90's in Tampa. *Fashion Sigh*

    7eventh Letter

  11. You look great; love the blazer.
    Happy birthday to your auntie!

  12. I love that plaid blazer! when I saw it in the blog roll I though it was a flannel and I was like ooh chola, I like, but then I saw it was a blazer! HOT! Happy bday to your auntie.

  13. I absolutely adore that jacket,Inez and happy birthday to your aunt.

  14. You look GR8 as ever! Love the blazer. Love the way you put things together! You need to come over here and help me do the same from my closet!

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