Chic Friend Friday: Shana

This feature is long overdue, I have admired Shana of Colorblind ever since I saw her featured  a while back. Immediately, after seeing the awesome clothes she thrifts and seeing her use of color, I had to hop onto her blog and follow. Her style and overall presence had truly enamored me. Once connected to Shana's blog I couldn't help but laugh out loud at most of her posts, Shana has a great sense of humor, which if you haven't encountered, shame on you. Just kidding! 
Shana started her own blog community, "Thrifters Anonymous" and of course I belong, she even offers a linkup every Monday, where you showcase your best thrifted find! Shana's style is very versatile, yet sleek, stylish and of course chic. She has a knack for finding those "omg, you thrifted that!" items and I truly admire her spirit and style. You'll definitely see why.    

What prompted you to start your blog? 
It was January 2011 and had I hit a block…a mental and physical block…It was time to go through all of my mom’s clothes and purses…and there I was, excited about fashion again…I couldn't wait to show everyone how stylish my mom was…so I started taking pictures …and decided to start a blog where I could showcase all of my finds…whether it be from my mothers closet, my grandmothers…or my newly found treasures…I was determined to share  my passion and secrets so that everyone on a budget could find themselves living a fashionable yet affordable lifestyle. Chic doesn't come from your wallet…it comes from within…I want to help others find their own style by incorporating new and vintage pieces in their wardrobe. 

What are your fashion must haves? 

Ok Inez…this is a hard one, but here is my shortened list
·       “Oskie Woskie” ( This is what I like to call a true vintage piece dress, blouse or skirt)
·       A pair of nude heels (My favorite are by Jessica Simpson right now)
·       Lipstick that makes you feel super sexy (I am loving the new Covergirl Lip perfection in Divine)
·       A pair of perfectly booty fitting, leg lengthening jeans (Hudson and F21 believe it or not are some of my fav’s
·       A belt…I found one of my favorite belts (a brown braided extra-long belt) in the men’s section at Savers! Having a go to belt can make any outfit complete.
·       LACE, LACE, and more LACE…I love anything lace…and it just makes me feel pretty ja know what I mean? Ha-ha

How would you describe your style? 
I guess I am a little all over the place…eclectic, edgy, chic, with a vintage bohemian flare? Haha That’s another word for “ Hi my name is Shana, and I am addicted to thrifting!”

What's the one thing you enjoy most about being a blogger? 
Belonging to this community of strong women (sometimes men) So many cultures, religions, sharing their love for fashion, food, and everything in between. Witnessing such confidence and bravery amongst women is so  inspiring…It’s like a secret society…and the handshake is basically figuring out how to comment, decipher the secret word, and html your address :O) he he I am inspired daily…sometimes hourly…and you Inez are one of those  women…THANK YOU!

Isn't she gorgeous?! Make sure you check out Shana's blog, and be sure to link up next week, I'm sure we all could use Thrifters Anonymous! Thanks again Shana!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I have checked out her blog a few times and I really like her style!! !!

    Carsedra of:

  2. I LOVE Shana. She is such a beautiful person inside and out and her style is BOMB!!!!!

  3. Love her stye and the vibrant colors!

  4. Such joy to find another fabulous blogger.
    I didn´t get any email Inez.
    It may have gone to my spam
    It is correct:

  5. Ok, that was the sweetest thing ever...Seriously and all of your friends know how to make a girl smile!!! Thank you so much...the feeling is mutual...One of these days...we will all meet up and Thrift the heck out of all of the thrift stores...Thank you again for such an incredible excited to meet all of you!!
    Thrifters Anonymous Monday Link Up

  6. Love it! Love her! I'm hooked! =) xo, Rita

  7. I luvs me some Shana! YEZZZ I do! Always on point...Style is Amazing! So Exuberant!!

    Gr8 feature,
    thanks for sharing this every Friday!
    Whoot Whoot...

  8. You know, this is a great idea! I actually did something like this in the beginnings of my blog but gave up, haha. Maybe I will reconsider bringing it back, although I do feature my friends quite a bit as it is...


  9. "Chic doesn't come from your wallet…it comes from within" Brilliant Shana.. love this quote.

  10. Love this feature! All the looks are different and chic. Look number 2 is fabulous! Great post!


  11. Love that green blue orange outfit!! x

  12. Do email me agai and make sure you tell me : Hi I am Inez, so it doesnñt go to the spam.

  13. I love her first two looks! :D
    Love Lois xxx

  14. i love the outfit with the orange clutch! lovely

  15. Love Shana's sense of style. She def isn't color blind as she knows how to mix her colors well.

  16. Wow. Shana definitely knows how to work with color. Great style, too.

  17. I secretly stalk her blog. I really should comment (hangs head in shame) but her looks are so chic and doable there really isn't much to say so I usually head to my closet and start mixing it up.


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