"Blazed" & Inspired + an Award

Photobucket Hey!
So I was awarded the Kreativ blogger award by a couple of my favorite blogger friends. A huge thanks goes out to Rebecca, Erika, Rocquelle, Ashley and G be sure to check out their blogs:



There are a few rules to the award:
  • Complete the questions below
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself
  • Link back to the person that gave you the award
  • Pass the award over to 10 of your fellow bloggers and let them know that you have given it to them
Name your favorite song:  
That’s way too hard! Lol. I have so many, but my faves are love songs!

Name your favorite dessert:  
I love love chocolate chip cookies.

What pisses you off:  
People who think they’re perfect. People who love to point fingers.


When you're upset, you:  
Either voice my feelings verbally, shut down in silence, or cry (I'm usually very angry at that point)

Your favorite pet:  
Issey; I miss him!

Black or white:  

Your biggest fear:  
Growing old alone.

Best feature: 
My eyes and my legs! haha

Everyday Attitude:  

What is perfection:  

Guilty pleasure: 
iPhone, I can’t seem to put it down! I don’t know what I would do without my phone.

    7 Random Facts About Me:
    • I like to drive in silence. No music, just me and my thoughts.  
    •  I would love to be a mom.
    •  I am a goofball, most people don’t know but I’m really silly sometimes.
    •  I I do not like cheese. 
    • I work two jobs; I am also a part-time blackjack dealer at an area casino. 
    •  I was a premature baby; I only weighed 3lbs 9ounces when I was born. 
    •  Whenever I get married, I don’t want a big “showy” wedding, with a ton of people involved. I want an intimate ceremony, with only myself and my husband in the party, no bridesmaids or groomsmen with only a few of my close family and friends. One must have are beautiful pictures! 
    Sweatshirt/Blazer/Clutch: Thrifted   Flares/Booties/Scarf: Old Navy
    Belt: NY & Company  Earrings: OLD

    I would like to tag all of my CERTIFIED Chic Beauties for this post! 

    P.S. Last night I updated my YouTube Channel and uploaded 4 NEW VIDS! Make sure you check them out! I will also be having a couple GIVEAWAYS, this week and next week for my FB fans only! So be sure to like the FB page.

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    Thanks for reading!


    1. Love the stripes and neutrals paired together. Fab look!!!

    2. cant wait to see your new videos !!! u looked good bisous

    3. Love this look, Inez! I LOVE stripes & leopard..perfect combo


    4. LOVE the camel blazer!! Really need to up my blazer collection! Of course the leopard print scarf is fabulous! Loving the attitude :)


    5. You look fab and love your scarf and clutch!

    6. Let me get that scarf!!! I must get a stripe shirt! I am so behind!

    7. Love the stripes and leopard, and those jeans fit you wonderfully!!

      I love chocolate chip cookies too! Now I want some!

    8. You look very nice! And congrats on the Award!


    9. Very chic. Love the mix of stripes and leopard together.


    10. Congrats on the award! I didn't know you had a YT channel...I just subscribed :-)


    11. You look so fab!! and congrats love!! I need that outfit btw!!

    12. Girly, you look good. I love the use of stripes and animal prints. Your hair is fierce!

      Slow Strut, Rouge Lips, More Than a Fashion Blog.

    13. I am loving the combination of the animal prints and stripes! Congrats girlie :)

    14. She's Back!!! :-) Such a cute look! Love the blazer and scarf!


    15. Great outfit Inez!! The more I see the leopard print being worn by everyone the more I know I need to add it to my wardrobe!! I am loving those jeans, I have been searching for some that color and style now I know where I can go find them!!

      Oh and I saw your videos and you are right about the thrifting, I am slowly becoming addicted :-), but it's not bad because like you said it's cheaper than regular retail shopping!! :-)

      Carsedra of:



    16. Love that you aren't afraid to put patterns together and then a shot of color with the purse. Gorgeous!

    17. Cute look. Love the blazer!
      Blackjack dealer...that's sounds exciting/interesting :)!

    18. Wow... it is ALWAYS good to know more about our fellow bloggers! Nothing like having a small intimate wedding and you want to be a MOMMY!!!! Awww...!!!! So SWEET! BTW, the BLAZER is BLAZING!

    19. need the entire outfit! I wii send you an address!!!!!

    20. You are busy!! I love the look and so glad to see you on "fire". Very inspiring!!

    21. Whaaat! that bag was a great thrift store find.

      I think I love your scarf more than my own leopard scarf. So mad I couldn't find it at my old navy!

      I love these q&a type posts so I can get to my bloggy buddies better.

      ...and gimme that camel blazer!

    22. Inez you look absolutely stunning doll. I love the leopard scarf touch. Stunning.
      "Congrats" on your blog award.

      <3 Marina

    23. stripes and leopard perfect love it!!!

    24. You are very welcome. I love stripes and animal print so the look is HOT! andddddd I would like that blazer..please and thank you. lol!

    25. A part-time blackjack dealer? NICE! That's why I love posts like this. The blazer with the scarf is nice.

    26. Congrats on your award! Great look and I love the pattern mixing!


    27. I absolutely LOVE this look and those jeans are pretty FAB! You look great!


    28. I would never have thought of pairing stripes & leopard print --- but it sooooo works with that jacket! I love it!


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