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I just remembered, I added new video's to my YouTube channel but I forgot to tell you all about them!  Last week I added 4 new vids here they are! I apologize in advance if they're long, but I went shopping and got some great stuff! I just had to share it with you all! Tell me what you think! :))
Hey to all the new friends!!! 

Shoe Haul

Thrift Store Haul

AWESOME, Thifted Leather/Suede Jacket
(I'm so excited about this piece! Can't wait to wear it!)

Old Navy Haul!!! :)) Great sale!

Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe to my channel!


  1. going to check them out now!!

  2. Awesome!!! I subscribed to you YT! Im Stef1385 on YT!

  3. I just love your hair! I need those black shoes too! I don't own a simple pair of black pumps!

  4. Simply GORG! Ur hair is slammin'
    If your shoes hurt or you need to *PURGE*, do a shoe swap or sale them on here or do a private sale.
    U just never know who's Treasure that will become!
    Gr8 Vids! I follow your YT vids too!

  5. I am loving the shoes...all of them! ...and that leather jacket!

  6. You got some great items for great prices. I see you in that jacket girl :). Thanks for sharing.

  7. great finds, loving your blog alot!! New follower, your welcome to my spot anytime

  8. beautiful blog!!! i'm following you!!if you like mine, do the same!!!!

  9. I watched these last week and was a bit shocked because I didn't even know you had a YouTube channel. You found some good deals :)


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