How do u Rock: Outerwear Challenge


FASH DET: Fashion Bloggers of Detroit Rock: Outerwear
So FASH DET is hosting a linkup and I would love it if my readers showed up and showed out. LOL, no seriously I would love if you all participated in the FASH DET Rock: Outerwear challenge. 
The Challenge
Outerwear. Pretty easy right? We want to see your jackets, coats, hats, vests gloves and scarves.

We want to see those boots too!

Don't worry if you live in a climate thats still warm, it's perfectly alright to post an outfit you've already worn.
The link up will be posted on next Wednesday Dec. 21st at 12am on

We're asking all participants to go the the FASH DET blog to linkup and grab a participation button.

Open to
Any and all bloggers, even if you're not in Detroit. We simply ask you to link back to in your post. So have fun with it!

The linkup and button will be posted on Wednesday Dec. 21 at 12am.

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Are you a Detroit Fashion/Style Blogger?

Join f.a.s.h. DET

Thanks for reading!


  1. Sounds cool. I've never done and OOTD post and I think I can manage this.

  2. sounds fun!!!!

  3. i want to see all the jackets and coats fashionable people post too! <3 following ya
    my boyfriend and i created a blog featuring other couples around the globe, inviting you to like and follow back! ♥

  4. like these outfit!!
    Like your blog, if you want we can follow each other! Let me know!
    On my blog there is my first giveaway, you can win a beauriful accessory Be Chic (Italian line). I'll wait you :)

    have a nice sunday!

    xoxo K.

  5. I'm in love with the blue coat. Welcome to check out my blog and we can follow eachother if you like.

  6. Cool challenge!! It's actually gonna be cold enough this morning for one of my over coats so I should be able to get some pics when I got to church this morning!!!

    Carsedra of:

  7. Ohh this sounds fun! I hope its cold enough for me to rock out this challenge :-)

  8. Thanx for your comment on my blog... It's actually my mothers camera she has a Nikon--- ummm dont know the full name of it.. I know it has numbers hahaha But any Nikon camera is a good one. And Thanx for the shout out!!!

    xoxo asiahlynn

  9. Wonderful coats!

    Less Is More


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