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 Ariel |Fashion Devotee

Ariel of Fashion Devotee is such a beauty! What I love most about Ariel's style is the way she mixes vintage with new and always manages to have a soft and sexy feminine edge to her looks. I also enjoy her pattern mixing and color blocking and I'm always excited to see her next look.  
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What prompted you to start your blog?
The idea of starting a blog stemmed from my friend Brittany, who is the editor of Clumps of Mascara. She is passionate about blogging and encouraged me to start a fashion blog.   I wanted a platform where I could just talk about how I see fashion through my eyes. As I have grown as a blogger my focus is on helping women develop their personal style. I have been in this love affair with fashion my entire life. I took that passion and my love for words and created Fashion Devotee.

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What are your fashion must haves?
An LBD, cat-eye sunglasses, a bold lipstick (red or fuchsia), sky high heels, a classic white button down,  something leather (a bomber or skirt), a standout leopard accessory (clutch or shoe),  oversized clutches, statement jewelry

How would you describe your style?
My style is feminine with a hint of vintage and old glamour. I am a “girly, girl”, I love to dress in feminine pieces. I always stay true to that and I never lose that femininity. Even if I opt for an edgy masculine look, I will always add a hint of femininity to the look by dressing it up with heels or a bright lipstick.

What's the one thing you enjoy most about being a blogger?
I enjoy the virtual friendship and connection that I have with my readers and other bloggers.  Readers tend to read blogs for inspiration; they have no idea how inspiring their comments and emails are to the blogger.

Isn't she gorge?!! Be sure to check out Ariel's blog here!
Thanks again Ariel for sharing!!
{I'm so excited to start this feature again and I can't wait to share more Chic Friends with you guys, be sure to check out previous features here.}

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  1. I have seen her blog before (a while back) she has great style!!

    Carsedra of:

  2. Thank you Inez for featuring me on your Chic Friend Friday. I love it! And thank you all for your compliments :-)

  3. Can't remember who introduced us on Twitter but I was peeking in on her blog. Today I subscribed. I almost didn't recognize her. Did she lose weight? She looks good. Her style is one that inspires and is impeccable.

  4. Ariel is my style twin I swear I would wear everything in her closet! She is always so fab!


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